Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Answer Something

Raise your hand if you could have the millions that some athletes and other entertainers have-stay out of the limelight and not get into legal issues. 


If I were a woman I would own about a 1000 pair of shoes.

And would probably lease the rest...

NBA Tonight


Oh how I wish I could be excited. I grew up in the Magic-Bird era with a some guy named Jordan coming into his prime right behind them.

I know we all think our era is the greatest at everything. But 1980s NBA basketball has to be up there.

I just think today's NBA has too many average players who make a ton of money for doing average to below average things. Only a few guys in their primes as of right NOW could compete at a high level in any era. Remember when I say they are in their prime right now. Kobe, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett or past their primes.

Lebron James.
Carmelo Anthony
Derek Rose
James Harden
Tony Parker
Kevin Durant
Russell Westbrook
Chris Paul

And NO I did not forget Chris Bosch and Blake Griffin.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I'm watching a little Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Robert Goran is by far my favorite detective off all time.


If I were the coach of a college program I would not allow players to comment on team related issues on their twitter accounts.

As a pro coach I would actively discourage it.

Twitter is a dangerous outlet at the fingertips of somehow who loves to hear the sound of their own voice (or the clicks of keyboard).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back to Life


I'm going to sit back, truly relax (meaning no computer), and enjoy these NHL games tonight. I haven't truly been able to concentrate on anything else thanks to the crisis in the news over the past few weeks.

I can't wait.



I'm not old enough to have experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 though I've seen a movie or documentary or two on the subject. I could only guess at the fear that Americans felt during the weeks of the standoff facing a nuclear holocaust.

I was in my teens in the 1980's when the movie "The Day After" aired. The plot was about a nuclear confrontation between The United States and the now defunct Soviet Union. What was truly frightening to my adolescent mind, was the fear entrenched on the character's faces as the fictional chain of events unraveled until the missiles were finally launched. I had never been so disturbed by what I was seeing...so scared for my life and those who I loved and cared about as I was in the days after that movie's airing.

Not until the past week.

The fear entrenched on the character's faces in that movie mirrored my own.

However any of us may lean politically, doesn't everyone agree that there is something wrong to engage in mutually agreed destruction (the debt ceiling) only to pull during the last hours.

I don't have ALL the answers. I don't have ANY of the answers.

I just don't want to experience these feelings of frustration, helplessness, and most of all...dread that I have.

I just needed to vent. Thanks  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I'm reading that Kobo is suspending publication of self published works because of their continuing issues with porn and erotica.

The articles aren't clear if this is a temporary move. The articles aren't clear if this for their UK site only or all of their sites.

I'm just passing along the info to all you indies out there. This is especially important to you erotica writers.


It is hard to tell what a person truly means by what they punch out on a computer screen. But I try to express consistency to what I mean from my brain, heart, and mouth(fingers) at all times.

That being said, I wasn't a fan of George W Bush's presidency, but when I read about his artery blockage issues I find ANY thoughts from ANY one that doesn't support his full recovery as disgusting.

I know we live in probably the largest political divide outside the Civil War in our history, but at some point we need to be reminded to mind out manners.

Get well W.

And STAY well. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Gospel According to John: How Elway saved us From Tebow, his Media Cronies, and an Inusffarable Fan Base

This Ebook is FINALLY available on ITUNES, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets.

Remember this article is free on all outlets except Amazon.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed presenting my arguments.

One last thing: Fair reviews are appreciated.


Saturday, October 12, 2013


If anyone is frustrated or flat out finished with Smashwords as a e book publishing outlet you may want to try Draft2Digital.

I haven't tried it myself yet, but I'm strongly considering it.

I won't try to persuade you guys one way or another, but I do think the site is worth investigating.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Whats next?

It looks as if the rewrite of my novel "where are our children" may be next

A Bridge over troubled waters.

I was a bit surprised to here that NFL scouts grade Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater along the lines of Alex Smith when he came out in the draft.

He is still regarded, by most, as the number one QB on the board.

As of today I would hope my Jags would take him, but we still have a loooooooong way to go till the draft.


I thought this would be Coughlin's last season in NY. The Giants are having a difficult season and his relationship with the media there has always been just "functional" at best.

I'm more than appreciative of his time here in Jacksonville. And considering his age I would go into glorious retirement with a smile on my face, in good health, with a bank account full of money.

Yet, knowing Coughlin (at a distance, of course) I get this feeling, The New York job is not his last coaching gig.

Happy Birthday...to me


44 today.

That number brings me both joy and sadness at the same time.

I feel very blessed to reach this age...yet sometimes, I wonder where did the years go.

Slow Rowing

The publishing process has really slowed at Smashwords. I'm through the meatgrinder with the Tebow article, but it's still taking its time getting to the retailers. I have seen it up at Kobo but it is taking it's sweet time showing up at ITunes, Sony, and Barnes and Noble.

I'm not mad about it. If anything this shows how much the site has grown with all of the people submitting to it than when I published here at the first of the year.
I've got to keep all this is mind when I publish again at Smashowords. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Wonderful Night Out

I had a better than expected time at the NBA pre-season game here in Dooooovall last night that my wife bought me tickets for my birthday.

I saw a couple old classmates, my cousin I hadn't seen in some time, and a former neighbor.

The announced crowd was over 9500 which is excellent in football happy Jacksonville..

The only real observations I have from the game is that Anthony Davis looks as if he's on the way to being a beast. The other is, again, My issue with today's NBA is that too many players can't do enough of anything special and yet are paid like to be multi-millionaires.

The highlight of the evening is that the city honored local college legend Artis Gilmore. And some of his former NBA-ABA buddies joined him for the ceremony. I saw Christian Latiner, David Thompson, Rick Barry, George Gervin, and best of all- Julius Erving up close and personal.

I don't get out to live sporting events nearly as much as I did when I was a single guy but it was nice trip backwards.

All in all a wonderful evening.


Daniel Craig IS Bond.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A little something educational

I'm going to try to give the government stuff a rest for today. The wife purchased NBA pre season tickets for the game here in Doooooovall (Jacksonville) tonight for my birthday.

So I'm chilling right now, surfing the net and watching something very educational on my Blu-ray.

First Blood.

Where did Summer go?

It's like 59 degrees this morning here in Dooooovall.

Where is my coat?

A true Sports Fanatic

I proclaim myself as an avid sports fanatic, and I am.

Yet, I read a story this morning about a fan showing up at the home of Houston Texan QB Matt Schaub berating him and taking pictures of his family.

Being a hard core Jaguars fan I dislike the Texans and believe that Schaub has always been overrated as a NFL QB but this entire paragraph is irrelevant to the real problem.

This "fan" took the time to find the man's house and yell at him about a GAME in front of his family.

This act crosses so many social lines (and a borderline legal one) that it is truly sad.   

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart is one brave woman.

God bless you.

QB turnover

The QB turnover around the league is going to be SICK.

I can see as many as 10 to 16 different starters.


Dodgers first to move on out of the MLB Divisional Playoffs .

I love LA.

Actually, I don't. At least not the Dodgers.

I'll only cheer for them if they were to match up with the Red Sox in the World Series.

gino smith

Jets rallied in last minute to beat struggling Atlanta.

My fellow Jags fans are crying. Why didn't we take Gino in the draft?

Again. It doesn't matter that Gino may be better than Henne or Gabbert. I want a franchise QB that can help give Jags LONG term success. I'm not convinced Gino has a high enough ceiling to warrant the second round draft spot he was given last year.

If we use the logic that every time a QB wins a game he is the answer then Gino Smith is a franchise QB over Matt Ryan. He isn't.

Vince Young won games early in his career. So did Mark Sanchez. My God, so did Tim Tebow. I want better for my Jags.

Losing stinks. Losing the way the Jags have this season stinks more.

I'm still willing to wait on a franchise QB.    

Monday, October 7, 2013

Decisions, decisons, decision

More on my point about whether to mass produce or not.

The sports articles are fun. The research is relatively easy. I have plenty of source material from dozens of Internet sites, sports radio and TV.

I've used the interview type format because it makes the process of getting the information out in an entertaining fashion. The interviewer (my co-host) is a fabric of my imagination. What it serves is the Every Man voice. The voice on the street with a common or distant view of sports issues.

This is not meant as if I am a sports expert. I am not. I never will be. I just try plunge into these matters with a deeper perspective than the average sports fan would. That doesn't make me better than those who read my articles.

In speaking of the interviewer, I am considering altering his voice starting with my next article. In my opinion Dan Patrick is the best sports interviewer in the business. He is tough but firm. He is fair. He can be funny without being silly or condescending. I think using Patrick as my interview model would take my articles to a higher level.

Again, these sports stories are fun. They don't require a lot of work from me. LIFE demands a lot of work and energy from me. I don't know if I would have anything left to devote to volume writing.

Fiction takes a lot more energy from me because creation exhaust a lot of energy. Believe it or not, plotting is pretty straight-forward but prose is hard. Writing from the point-of-view of different characters is DAMNED hard. 

It also isn't easy to write interesting setting, breathe life into characters, and place all of the senses on every page without OVER doing it. Anyone out there who has written fiction can appreciate what I'm saying.

I'll admit though, when I finish a fiction piece, there is a certain rush that I don't get from doing non fiction.

Again, I have decisions to make.

The Wife is right.

I'm still debating about how far to take my writing.

My life is stressful enough. Perhaps I inject some of this stress on myself by worrying about things that are out of my control. Yet, my passion about life, is who I am as a person. I believe in getting stuff done. I believe in doing what I say I'm going to do. I believe in being organized and paying attention to details

My wife says if makes me a wonderful provider, but at times a distant husband because it always seems if something is on my mind. I never seem to relax in her mind.

My wife is as smart as she is beautiful.

And she is right.

Which brings me back to my original point. Do I try to write for profit? I believe that the only way to truly be successful in the Indie author business is to write in VOLUME. I think this is even as if not more important than quality.

This means...a half dozen novels a year. This means 50 short stories or articles a year.

It is a crowded market. Volume is the only way to fight the crowd. Let one piece market the next.

I have a decision to make.

And I would think I need to make it soon.

Bitchin about Bitchin

I probably complain too much on my blog.

I LOVE my job. I do. I just get aggravated with all of the politics and sorry folks I have to deal with every day that I am there. Still, I'm smart enough to know that this kind of stuff exist on every job no matter the pay or benefits that job provides.

Anyway, I have the week off. Yea. 7 whole days. And I still draw a nice paycheck Thursday. Not bad for a high school educated black guy from a questionable neighborhood. 

My family has their stomachs full and they have a more than adequate roof over their heads. (My hard working wife has a LOT to do with this as well.)

I'm sitting in a comfortable chair. I'm watching NHL Center Ice (Devils-Oilers until Rangers-Kings comes on.)

I got my spoiled pooch lying next to me with her ears sticking up.

I apologize for complaining all the time.

I just want to work, have a little money left over, and be left alone.

I don't think that is too much to ask for.


Oh Yea...what's next:

Don't hold me to this but I think I have another article coming. This one on whether or not we should pay college athletes (football and basketball) players are not. "Pimp Daddy: Why we should...or shouldn't pay college athletes." This is a tentative title.

I think my next step is to finally finish the second draft of my novel "Where are our Children?"

For those who have read my blog from the beginning, the first draft of this novel was written during the heart of the Great Recession during 2009 when I was out of work for significant periods of time.

Writing this first draft helped me focus my energy, my frustration,  and my anxiety in a positive outlet: I finished writing my novel.

Anyway, I owe it to myself, and this story, to go back and finish this. It is wonderful story. I can't promise you that I've done a fine enough job in telling it, but it is a wonderful tale none the less.

What's Next?

What's Next?

First, I need to get through this debt crisis thing. Rather I should be worried about a default or not, I AM. I suffered through the Great Recession like many of you out there.

I'm ready to move on to something else other than proceeding to the next self inflicted economic crisis that we Americans have been through the past few years.

No matter what side you are on, I think we are all ready to move on to something else.

more later...

Amazon Sale

I actually made a sale on Amazon today.


Thanks to the customer. I hoped you enjoyed my piece, but just as importantly, I hope you think that I at least presented my argument well.

Remember...fair reviews are appreciated.  

Made It

Tebow's article made it through the meatgrinder!

Readers should look for it on their favorite reader within a few days to a week.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The NHL is back.


Orr- Parros fought

Parros head hits ice during fight. He's out cold.



To my detractors on Tim Tebow:

There are 32 NFL owners, general manager's,  head coaches, and various assistant coaches, and  scouts who feel more like I do...

...than you do about Timmy.


Sunday, September 29, 2013


I thought Lane Kiffin might be in trouble at USC.

I didn't think he would get fired before the end of September.

Still holding on to idea of Jack Del Rio being the new head coach of the Trojans.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kaleb is 13.

My son's birthday was yesterday, but we are celebrating it today. He's 13. We are taking him and two of his cousins out for wings at a sports bar.

Anyone who read Fumblerooski: How the NCAA Dropped the Ball on the Coming Football Playoff  will remember me using his name as the name of my playoff format.

I don't do sports bars on football days (or nights) believe it or not because I don't really enjoy the atmosphere. People getting liquored up while cheering for their favorite team (or against yours) is a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion.

I hope we are out of there by time the 3:30 games began.

Should be interesting.

College Football Today

After that weak scheduling in college football last weekend, it gets a little better today.

South Carolina- UCF
Oklahoma-Norte Dame
Ole Miss- Alabama
Wisconsin- Ohio St
Oklahoma St- West Virginia


Friday, September 27, 2013

Football Night(s) in America

As much as I love watching football on the tube, 5 nights a week is a little much.

Follow what I'm saying...what makes football special is the importance of each and every game. Well, when you televise so many games between college, pro, and high school, it takes away some of that important feel.

All that being said, I'll tune in to the 2nd tier college games that the mother ship (ESPN) airs on Friday night during commercial breaks of my NHL doubleheader action on NHL Network tonight.

Did I mention I love my NHL.... 

My bad

Smashwords sent back some data showing I had some errors in my formatting for The Tebow article.

The formatting has changed a wee bit since I last published anything at the start of the year.

All this means is the Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple crowd will probably have to wait another week to down load it from their sites.

Again...its free on ALL outlets except Amazon. I'm expecting it to do well. It has had more than a respectable showing on the Smashword's site where Non Fiction doesn't do nearly as well as Fiction. At least in my limited experience in self publishing.

Enjoy...and leave me a fair ratings. Indie authors LOVE fair ratings.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Into the darkness

Red boxed star trek into the darkness this week.

I liked it even better than I did at theatre.

Gotta give it 2 jj abrahms he has pulled it off rebuilding the trek brand.


In speaking of fighting...all I want 4 Christmas is 4 somebody to whoop Mayweather's ass.

Fight night

When the braves and brewers got into it last night did the batter ever touch the plate after the homerun?

Super mario

Have a well deserved retirement mario revera

From yankee AND red sox nation

49ers up big

I guess the 49ers demise has been greatly exaggerated

Pay 4 play

I probably will write an article on paying college athletes next

Seems 2 be a sizzling hot topic right now

Ill probably make up my mind and start some research this weekend

Some football Predictions

Prediction 1: Frank Beamer of Virginia Tech will either be fired or will retire (get fired) at the end of this season.

Prediction 2: The same thing will happen to Mack Brown at Texas.

Prediction 3: This one is not as straight forward so listen up:

Nick Saban will ONLY leave the Alabama job for another gig under 2 conditions.

Number One: There would have to be a "Death Penalty" type of scandal discovered of goings on within the university.

Number Two (More Likely): IF the Dallas Cowboys under achieve again this season with Jason Garrett at the helm, I could see the owner Jerry Jones offering the head coaching job to Saban.

I could see Saban taking it ONLY under these conditions: Saban sees his lack of NFL success as the last remaining challenge of his coaching career. Jones would have to make him the highest paid head coach in the history of sport. Jones would have to give him TOTAL control of football operations. And finally, Jones would have to give him a piece of the team. Remember: 1 percent of any NFL team, especially the Dallas Cowboys, is worth millions alone.   


Report says MLB commish Bud Selig to retire in 2015.

How about taking Roger Gödel of the NFL with u.

Paul Oliver

I honestly don't remember Paul Oliver of the San Diego Chargers who killed himself.

But it doesn't mean he is or was irrelevant.

I'm praying for all your family, friends, and fans you left behind.

Life can indeed seem to be a lonely place.

Reach out to SOMEONE and make them listen if you have to.

RIP, Paul, from a complete stranger.

skinny people

I think we should enslave all skinny people, make them eat until they feel and look like the rest of us.

Desperate Niners

Desperate times for 49ers against Rams. Good but desperate teams usually find a away 2 get it done. I'm taking Niners in a close one.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On the Eight Day

Pens-Wings preseason tonight.

U guys only WISH you had it this good.

My Center Ice Package starts next Tuesday.

And on the eight day God created NHL Center Ice...

Josh Freeman

Oh yea, I do talk sports here sometimes.

Josh Freeman probably has started his last game for the Bucs.

I don't expect the Bucs to find a trading partner, unless a starter goes down before the trade deadline.

Remember, Freeman is an unrestricted free agent to be. It makes no sense to trade valuable draft picks for a guy who has been shaky as well as a guy who can walk away for nothing at the end of the year.

They're probably right about me.

On a lighter note, I had fun doing my Smashwords interview. I hope you guys who have, and who will read it enjoyed it as well.

I'm not nearly as silly as the interview portrays. In fact, I'm often accused by family and friends of being to serious minded and never able to relax and have fun.

They're probably right about me. 


No matter what side of the fence you are on, this Washington gridlock has gotten old.

The Meatgrinder

Wow! Smashwords has really grown. It's taking almost a week for my latest work to get through the meatgrinder. I'm hopeful everything is good so I can get "Gospel" out to readers on ITunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.  

trying to regroup

I took the night off from work. I didn't get much sleep. I'm stressed like crazy at work. I thought it was in my best interest to stay home tonight and try to regroup for one last stand before I'm off this weekend.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Gospel

I finished downloading my newest E-book at Smashwords a few minutes ago. I'm hopeful that it will pass through the meat grinder without any issues.

I'm headed over to Amazon in a sec. A special note to you kindle holders. You can download it for free one of two ways:

Either go to the Smashwords site and download it directly from there for free or enter the e-book's info into the price matching area. If enough of you guys do this you'll turn that 99 cent price tag into free.

Either way, this E-book should be available within the next 24 hours at your favorite downloading spot

I thank both new and returning readers in advance.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tomorrow Night

My first draft is going well. I'm over half way done with it. The words are flowing well, and everything seems to coming together. One thing is I've been debating with the Tebow attics for years now, so I'm repeating a lot of what's already been said. It was just about putting the key to the keyboard.

I'm going to stop and fuel up (eat). I should finish the second half this afternoon. It's looking like it will come up in far shorter words than Fumblerooski, Which is good for EVERYBODY.

Anyway, I'm going to grab a bite, get back at it, let it breathe, edit, and probably have this puppy posted by tomorrow night.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bringing out the best in me

The event happening tomorrow has been along time coming.

I've been wanting to get something (Tebow) off my chest for a long time coming.

I finished designing the e-book cover a few minutes ago. It's good. It's serviceable.

But it's been nearly a year since I've written anything original.

Leave it to ol' Tebow to force me to dust off the keyboard and hack something out.

You shouldn't be surprised.

Tebow is known to bring out the best in everybody. Right? Right. Right!

Sometimes life is good.

Chilling at home tonight watching Ranger-Flyers preseason on  the tube.
Only a couple weeks before the real games begin.
Sometimes life is good.

King James meet Queen James

Congrats on the big wedding, boy!!!

Take it from me bruh, when you have as many off days as Lebron James does, you better get that house work done.

Paper Champs

I guess the experts have already crowned the Seattle Seahawks champions after only 2 weeks of play.

I'll admit they'll be a tough out in the NFC playoffs, especially with that madhouse of a home field advantage they have.

Stay tuned.


It looks as if the Steelers that we've come to love or loathe are done.

Time to retool.

Tebow Rally

Look at all those potential season ticket holders and jersey buyers that showed up at the Sign Tebow rally down at Everbank Field yesterday.

They are a loud minority just like I've been saying along.

I'm this close...to publishing a Tebow article on Smashwords.

Good norning

Just seein if the mobile version of this thing still works.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Thursday is a big day. I'm headed 2 the bank to open up a business checking acct and a paypal.

Still working on a name 4 the publishing company since alc publishing is already taken.

Feeling good

I'm moving ahead. I'm ready to publish again. I know what my business model is. What my publishing schedule will be. What the titles are going to be

Monday, May 6, 2013

Dean Wesley Smith

Hey there.

While I'm not a huge fan of his fiction outside of Star Trek, I encourage any newbie writer or someone trying to restart a career to read Mr Smith's blog.

He had LOADS of advice on publishing and writing that gives hopes to us all...especially struggling writers like myself.

Google him, read him, and absorb what he is saying.

more later... 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Devil in the Details

I'm wanna of those people who likes to watch the "behind the scenes" footage on blu rays. I'm interested in how writers and directors think about characters, plot, story etc.

I'm a TREMENDOUS fan of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Most of all because in my humble opinion he gets the concept of Batman right. As wonderful as the bad guys are (Cat woman, Bane, and the Joker of course) Batman still is Nolan's greatest achievement.

My favorite of many favorite scenes in the series is when Batman fetches the Chinese bad guy who is handling the mobs money in the DARK KNIGHT. After Batman whips several of the other guy's henchman, he literally drags the guy to the open window. Now that is who Batman is. Basically he is saying without uttering a word...I'm tired, bring your ass here.

Anyway I brought Nolan up because he says in one of the many documentaries in The DARK KNIGHT RISES how he and his crew made the characters Nolan's characters.

In other words, no matter how an author has portrayed a character, plot, or story, what makes it different than it's ever been portrayed before is that it is my way of doing things.

Powerful stuff indeed.       

you learn something new everyday.

Look, I consider myself as computer literate as the next guy, but I just used a spreadsheet for the first time today. Man, this thing is great for tracking characters and any other information you may want to write down and update as you move along.

I highly recommend using it to anybody out there.   

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

just speakin...

Just speakin. I try to post at least once per day on my blog.

I had some unexpected personal issues to deal with today and probably tomorrow.

Sometimes real life gets in the way...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pray for those in Boston

No one knows the exact cause of the explosions that occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, but some people have been reported to been severely injured, perhaps even killed.

Coming together

I don't have a ton to talk about today. The JOB has been a bit** this weekend. I haven't been able to get as much done as I would have liked, but oh well.

 Anyone I will try to nail some things down tonight. A few days off coming, need to knock off a few errands, cut the yard, and try to get some REAL work (writing done) in the next day or so.

more later...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

some of my favorite write to music

In case you ever wanted to know...

Bear McCreary:
Battlestar Sonatica
Refugees Return
Two Funerals

Hans Zimmer:
Necessary Evil
A Small Measure of Peace

Clint Mansell:
Together We Will Live Forever

Dennis McCarthy:
One Last Visit

Howard Shore:
Journey's End
Twilight and Shadow

Craig Armstrong:

Hans Zimmer with Lisa Gerrard:
Gortoz A Ran-J'Attends

Each on these tracks is a beautiful and poignant recording that manages to bring me to the brink tears and put a smile on my face at the same time. If you need something serene to write or listen to and appreciate soundtrack music, I suggest giving these talented artist a try.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Got some templating work done on JOB last night. I felt good about some of what I accomplished. I even worked on a scene while I had a little extra time.

I'll try to get some more done tonight.

More later...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Star Trek

For any of you Star Trek fans (like me), the Best of Both Worlds Movie will have a one day release in select theatres next Thursday across the county.

The Best of Both Worlds, featuring the Borg, is some of the finest Star Trek in my opinion. Seeing it on the big screen, with hi def and improved graphics and sound should be a treat.

I'll be buying season 3 of STNG sometimes this spring as the price drops.  

Today's schedule

I've got one errand to run.

Afterwards, it's writing one or maybe two scenes of a Sinful Fear.

I need to be at work by 6pm with a 13 hour shift ahead of me. The good part of that is if I have a smooth sun, It leaves me plenty of time to muse. I want to decide how I'm going to keep up with all of the characters, places and situations that I use in my 12 world universe. I imagine a spreadsheet would be the most logical, but I've never done a spreadsheet before. I need something that I can constantly update.

More later...gotta run.    

Thursday, April 11, 2013

12 Worlds

I honestly didn't think I'd make it back to 12 worlds but I have. I have 9 different stories to tell this year, and they can be told in this place I call 12 worlds. (Or Fear as the Known Galaxy is sometimes called.)

 Most of the 12 worlds weren't mentioned in my short story Waiting. The ideas do work however. I'll just use these locales as the story lines fit them.  The story I'm working on right now: Sinful Fear, will be on Centauri Prime or the Centauri Home world as some may choose to refer to it as. Centauri was only mentioned in Waiting.

The Belt moons of Saturn and Juipter will also be seen this year.

Long day

I've been finalizing all of my templates and work details with very little break in between.

It was worth it though. I got it ALL done.

There is nothing left but the actual writing to do, starting tomorrow morning.

I'll work to finish the second draft of a scene then.

Work tomorrow tonight.

I'm off and running.

More later...

Something Done

Good Morning

I'm up at back at it.

I have three different items I'm trying to get done today.

Once they are done I will commence with the second draft of my newly renamed story that I will keep to myself for the moment. (lol)

It's been a long time since I felt this positive about my writing.

It's going to be a good morning. . . a good day today.

More later...

I'm going to bed

I almost finished the template I was working on.

Tomorrow I have one more to do/

I need to print a couple of items, then it's writing time.

Put up or shut up. Stand or fall.

Good luck to me.

I'm going to need it...  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm UP! I'm UP!

I'm finalizing some things:

I Know...I know, a lot smaller royalty from Amazon. Make up by volume of work available.

These Novellas will be at about 17500 words.

They all will be titled similarly so readers will recognize my work easily.

I will publish in whatever genre the story tells me.

That means some will be in ScFi, others in Suspense, others in Urban Fantasy.

More Later..I could be up all night working through some final details.


Interesting. After my stories showed no movement for days, I see a hand full more downloads in the past 12 hours. I'm not sure what stirred it, but I would like to see it continue.

Oh yea, My Amazon freebies should be ready to go as soon as I publish my next story this month. I'll put the notice here first.


I retyped my writing rules last night, putting more emphasis on some things more than I have in the past. I  feel positive about where I'm heading.

More later... 

Me and my keyboard

Trying to get together with my keyboard tonight. I have quite a bit of running around to do today.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Pic

I've GOT to put up a new pic. I'm not the prettiest boy in the room but alot more friendly looking that that picture gives off.

Lots and lots of post

Like I said, I'm working a shift. And may volunteer to work a shift tomorrow. Again, I take good care of family needs. I'm way ahead of my monthly bill schedule, and my son needs a new dresser for his room.

Anyway, the JOB is excellent for thinking, plotting. I'm probably going to be running off at the blog today though the post won't come through till I get back to the laptop tonight. It's the one drawback to using the blogger app, unless I'm doing something wrong which is entirely possible.

What I do want to figure out is how many quality stories or books can I conceivably produce in a calendar year? And what type?

I want to figure this out soon.


It's early. And I've got to work a shift today but I feel like I've made a breakthrough with the inner voice problem. I haven't felt this positive in weeks.

I did some reading yesterday. James Clavell (RIP) of Shogun fame. C J Cherryh who is an award winning SCFI writer. I even went over to her blog, and remembered some advice I'd written down about prose and active voice. It all made sense. She says this alot: Follow no rule off a cliff. It's so true. I'm guilty of this. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

Monday, April 8, 2013

UGH!! That inner voice

I'm struggling with it as usual.

Think about this readers: I have a full first draft of a novel (over 144000 words)
                                         I have the first draft of a short story (over 6000 words)

And yet, I've been stuck on finishing a second draft because of this dreaded inner voice. Here is an example of what mine says to me:

Your an idiot: No one wants to reader this garbage.

You are a one hit wonder. Waiting is an average short story and you won't ever tell a better story.

What?! You are doing this for free! What are you thinking?

There are dozens of ways to better spend your time. Why don't you give one of them a whirl.


I'm continuing to move downloads on four of the big five (sony, itunes, kobo, and barnes and noble). I especially seem to be doing well on the first three.

I know that many people make the argument that many people who take advantge of free downloads are not true readers but downloaders. I won't argue that point either way. I just know that downloads of my two works are moving a bit and I'm happy with that. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Always difficult to write prose with family here. So when they are, I try to accomplish other things: Plotting or in case of today world building.

The Novella titles are going to be either one of two things:

A very near future detective series wrapped around a SCFI theme, or if you will, a SC FI series wrapped around a detective theme.

In this near future crime is so prevalent in a place known as The City that when a murder occurs in the city limits, it's investigation is brokered out to investigative firms. Our firm is called Crime and Punishment and it's lead investigator is named Roland.

He has a number of allies and adversaries that will appear often in the series. I'm working on  these people as well as the backdrop of the City as well, which will be very important to the overall feel of the series.

Each title will mirror the other. Example: Necessary Fear. Constant Fear. Abandoning Fear.

What's to fear? Residents of the City often refer to it as Fear. But the main reason is that Roland suffers from genetic condition that causes him to suffer from phobias. His condition worsens as he stresses. These Phobias evolve every 30 days. There is no cure. And yet he goes about his work as professionally as he can.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Digital Donna

Oh yea. I'm also strongly considering paying someone to do the covers for Children and my Novellas. Anyone who may need this service should consider using Digital Donna. Check out her blog. I haven't used her but she is highly recommended by Smashwords and her work featured on her site is wonderful.

A Decision

These three novelettes will probably be the final three works that I do at no charge.

I believe it will be a fair showcase of my talents (or lack thereof) for anyone to judge if they choose to pay to read my longer work.

My 2014 novellas and beyond will be $2.99 a piece.

I know that some people are selling novels for that or even less. I think it's a fair price. Ultimately, the consumer will make that decision.

I'm going to sit and think long and hard about Where are our Children. This full length novel will either be sold at $3.99 or I will allow it to be free. Why you may ask?

If my novellas are to be a long term source of income then Children could be a gateway to readers trusting me with the shorter work. Children is not going to be liked by everyone. And yet, It is a powerful premise that I believe I can pull off effectively.

My Unnamed Novellas

I will pursue one of two ideas for the Novellas.

These stories will be about 36000 words a piece.

They allow me to publish, but not be overrun by work. I have to remind myself that I have a full time job. A job that I just worked 64 hours this week. I have family obligations. I do get tired. I do get distracted.

And yet I think the writing schedule is feasible. It allows me to be productive but not feel rushed or overrun. I want to keep this process fun.


I'm leaning heavily towards writing three more novelettes:

Shadow of the Watchtower in April.

Dead Mexicans in May

And probably Hard Rain in June.

July through September would allow me to finally start and finish the second draft of my novel Where are our Children?

And then starting in 2014 four novella sized works a year until the mind or body won't let me anymore.

more coming...


I'm listening to "Reunion". It is a song on the Incredible Hulk Soundtrack. I love beautiful, poignant  instrumental music, especially when I'm writing. This is one of the nicest pieces I've heard in years. I will be adding this to my favorites. If any of you care for this type of music give it a listen to on Itunes or wherever you buy your music. 

Still Here

the JOB has been keeping me busy over the past week, but I'm still here.

Still brainstorming. Still plotting. I will have three days off next week and (hopefully) will get a second draft of Shadow of the Watchtower written.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another round of brainstorming

A lot of ideas hitting me.

I'm also leaning towards one short story a month, keeping the process fun and free.

And the rewrite of where are our children could be done over the 90 days of summer.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

orson scott card

I know the guy has some hard line opinions on religion and politics but his book on characters and viewpoints is a bible as far as I'm concerned when it comes to creating characters.

I'm not sure whether it is still in print or not, but if you can find a copy, it's worth the time and effort.

Snowlfake Method

let's see if I can do do this without looking at my guide...

Snowflake Method for Writing Novels:

1 Eye Catching Opening

 An opening event or events to catch reader's attention. May only be marginally associated with main focus of novel.

2. Follow Up

Introductions of major characters and their reactions to the opening stanza. These scenes lead up to the first plot point.

3. Plot Point

The unofficial official beginning of your novel. This is the event that truly sets things in motion. You must use a character or series of characters to set this event in motion.

4. Rising Action/Drama

Any final major characters must be introduced here. Relationships are strained. Major characters tested. Plot moves forward.

5. Climax

The high point (or low point) of your novel is reached. Delivered on all foreshadowed promises. Characters must be changed emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically.

6. Reversals

Just when things couldn't look worse for your major characters it does. An outside influence may aid your plotting here: aliens, nature, natural catastrophe, a betrayer. Deliver something not foreshadowed here.   

7. Lowering Action/Drama

Characters fight through to the finale. We learn more about them through their actions.

8. Continuing Lowering Action/Drama

Characters slog through to the finale. These are your novel's dog days here. Tough it off though. You are almost home.

9. Though Producing Closing

This scenes wrap up a single volume novel. They also open up the door for new adventures in a series novel. Characters must be changed from the beginning.   

Again, I may not be the resource to listen to on this matter. I only have a first draft of a novel done, but without this method I would not have ever completed this. I do far MORE than this, in coming up with my scenes, but this is one of my initial steps.

If this helps ANY body then it's been more than worth of the time typing it up.


I'm leaning towards doing something with a familiar title, format. I want readers to be able to download a tale, and be able to download ANY other title without having to think about where, when, or how events took place before or after this present work.

I'm hesitant, because I want to make a competent decision and not look back. I want to look forward.

One thing is if I choose this course, I will be left with an unlimited supply of story ideas.

Choosing this category allows me simpler cover art as well.   

Smashwords Annoucement

Smashwords blogged an article of accepting more artist into a program that makes them available to Indie Authors who may want to use them to design e-book covers. I am considering using one or more of these folks myself. Anyone else out there may want to take a look at this article.https://www.smashwords.com/about/beta

happy tuesday

I seem to finally be getting over this cold. Good.

I'm doing a little template, and putting together plans for two stories to publish in April. Better

More importantly, I am plugging away at doing something long term. Best.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Steven Erikson

Just hanging out on amazon this evening. Steven erikson is the creator of the completed Malazan Book of the Fallen series. The only book in the series that I read from end to end was the 2nd Deadhouse Gates. I'll tell you that he is one of the great prose writer's I have ever crossed. I will also tell you that he has created a universe so dense that it makes LOTR seem childish, and George R R Marin's A song of Ice and Fire's violence, also childish in comparison.

I can't truly recommend him, but in studying good writing, he is a must.  


Being the caretaker for an elderly parent isn't easy.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where Are our Children part 2?

More about this first draft.

I wrote the entire first draft in 2009. You guys remember 2009 don't you? You remember the Great Recession? You remember all of the people laid off?

Well, I was one of them. Between the winter of 2008 and the Spring of 2012 I probably was out of work for five different stints or 16 months total.

By the way I'm back and I believe that the layoffs for me have now ended totally.

Anyway, back to 2009....

Man I was scared. For the first time in my adult life I really felt this job was over and my prospects of recovering my income and the life I'd built for my family were coming to an end. Listen, I don't want to disrespect what ANY of you may have experienced during the same time period. Some never recovered. I'm blessed. I know it. That's why I take care of my JOB when I'm on it.

Well while I waited for us to start back up, I wrote the first draft of Children in about six months, Once again, I'd played around with this storyline in my head for years, but finally I got it down and saved on my hard drive.

Real quick: I used the Snowflake Method for construction of the novel. Google it. I advice anyone who wants to write a novel to use it. It works. On the character side I leaned on a book by Orson Scottt Card called Character and Viewpoint. It's well worth the investment in terms of writing (hopefully) well rounded characters.

Anyway, writing Children helped me fight a depression I felt about myself and where my future was heading. I cried a lot writing that first draft. I was scared. I was moody. I was distant. But those scenes and those characters gave me something to focus a ton of bottled up anxiety I was feeling at that time.

It's a dark story. Really dark.

I incororporated a much bleaker economic endgame than the one we truly came through.

But people don't believe me when I say it's NOT about race.

It IS about people, and how terrible our individual decisions can affect others.

More later...

Where are our Children?

I also have a second draft of my novel to consider.

Here's the gist of it if I haven't spoke about it here before.

In the early 1980's there was a terrible string of abductions and killings of young black men the Atlanta area the media began calling The Atlanta Child Murders.

Wayne Williams was ultimately captured, charged, and convicted with enough of those hideous crimes that he is serving time today.

Where are our children is a fictional account that there were parallel kidnappings going on at the same time of these by Wayne Williams and what happens when those abductions begin again, now, in our time. (Actually in 2011 when the first draft of this novel was written.)

I consider it a character driven novel. Here are some of the key players:

Christopher Prince:  He was the only child to escape the clutches of a mad men all of those years ago. This haunts him. He is now a FBI Special Agent leading the investigation when Atlanta's children of color go missing again.

Xavier Prince: Chris' half brother who leads a brotherhood I've chosen to call A House in Chains. They are America's equivalent of Hamas. Some feel they are terrorist. Others feel they are freedom fighters. All know they are a ruthless, efficient organization bent on retrieving the children by any means necessary.

Serena Tennyson: The leader of Pandora. They consider themselves patriots who don't want to see the hierarchy in America disturbed by their sworn enemies in the House of Chains.

Angel Hicks Dupree: A childhood friend of Chris, who is now a Clinical Physcologist working with the FBI. Yet, she is carrying a dark secret that could destroy everyone around her.

Thomas Pepper: An award winning journalist who is tabbed by the House of Chains to find out the truth of what is going on and more importantly...the disaster that is still to come.

Roxanne Sanchez: A private investigator who is running from one truth in her past while trying to find out another that will effect Christopher Prince.

Seth Dupree: A highly respected surgeon and the husband of Angel. Unbeknown to her, he follows her to Atlanta and witnesses atrocities that will test his will to survive.

Hugh Keaton: He has been and now is a instrument used by Serena to carry out these abductions. And yet, his final tale is something that no one involved sees coming.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I had to get it out about a tale that meant so much to me when I was writing it. More later...

Looking at my options

I want to stick to one series or the other. I see the long term gains of a reader recognizing my work simply by cover art or a title.

One of my issues with 12 worlds is where would a reader be comfortable entering this series. Both of my other ideas allows the reader to come in at anytime, leave, and come again without missing a beat.

Again, looking at all of my options...     

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Temendous Opportunity

I'm 43 years old. I'll be 44 late this year. Think about it. If I wrote 2 story a month over the next 20 years that's 240 stories.

I'm thinking I should still be physically and mentally competent by then.

Look, again my idea is to be read. I would really enjoy being read. If I choose to do 12 worlds or something else, I have a chance to so something creative with minimum pressure. This is not going to change my financial status. I don't need to pressure myself like that.

I already work everyday that I'm scheduled. Often, more than that. I'm doing what I can in that department.

This...THIS gives me a chance to be creatdive. Doing a comic book without actually doing a comic book. Doing Law and Order without doing Law and Order. Doing the old style Pulp Magazines in a new format called E Readers which I don't think is going away anytime soon. Doing Space Opera which I've always enjoyed on screen and on the page.

Yea, a tremendous opportunity indeed. 


Boy, am I mouthing off tonight.

If I choose to explore this universe further....first let me address what my biggest concerns are while I'm thinking about it.

1. Cover Art.
2. Telling Tales in a linear method.
3. Cover Art. (Not a typo.)

Anyway, back to Artemis. I have some story ideas for all of the principal characters involved in that storyline, so yes, you, the reader, would see them all again. Though, I doubt they will ever appear in the same tale again.

Artemis Space Station will certainly be seen again. I have LOTS of ideas where the station is concerned.   

12 Worlds

If I choose to go on with 12 worlds stories I'll need to figure out ALOT of things.


First, I'll need to create these 12 worlds. I have some of them already. Three of the four populated areas are in The Core, The Belt, and Centauri space which were at least introduced in Waiting. I have an idea for the fourth, but it's not clear yet.

This second story would take place on one of the Centauri worlds.


After my rewrite of Waiting, I figured that I wanted all of the races presented to be human. I'm not sure yet if I'll use androids are not, but I have a story or two about Clones to tell, some this year in fact.


This one is giving me pause. I have to tell some things as they come to me so telling this thing in a linear way will be nearly impossible. I'm also exploring the option of telling stories in three distinct time periods. Again, something I have to explore.   

a director

I've only finished 3 short stories, a first draft of novel, and one non fiction piece ( Fumblerooski) so I don't have a lot of room to talk.

But If I could have anyone in Hollywood direct the movies based on my work it would be Edward Zwick. If you are unfamiliar with the name, I'm sure you know his work: Blood Diamond, Glory, The Last Samurai, among others.

He seems to have an eye for cinematography, and an ear for social issues concerning race, religion, and history.

Just a pipe dream. 

About 9 steps

Hopefully, my 9 step process will be helpful to someone out there. I wish I was brilliant enough to claim ownership over it's creation.

Some folks try to mask the steps while they are writing, but I don't let that concern me. I hope the reader has chosen my story because they were interested in the category, topic, cover, and something I previously wrote.

Here goes my Law and Order reference again:

I love the original Law and Order. Believe it or not I  didn't discover it on any semi regular basis until about 8 years ago while it was in it's height of syndication on TNT and TBS. I would watch those back to back episodes every night I could.

My point about Law and Order is that it's format is exactly the same every episode. If you tune in 15 minutes in you can expect to be here, if you come in at the 30 minute mark you will be here...and so on.

This is what I want my short stories to be like for a reader. I want them to recognize the quarter mark, the half way mark...and so one.

The characters and the setting may change, but the style is the same.

A short story in 9 steps

Back to something writing related, this is my 9 step method for writing short stories regardless of genre.

Teaser/Opening: Introduction of Point of View character and an opening situation to catch a reader's attention.

Exposition Whore: Yea, I said whore. I use this terminology from a article I read about Game of Thrones on HBO. The producers of the show often explain exposition by having it mouthed from naked women on the screen. The point is to keep a viewer/reader's attention while passing on important information. I try to do this as well through interesting action or interaction.

Rising Drama: The scene drives the momentum forward towards my ultimate climax.

Plot Point One: An important foreshadow of things to come is revealed. I like to use the JMS 
(J. Michael Straczynski-the creator of Babylon 5) method. He likes to reveal exactly what will happen and let you the reader/viewer figure out how we will get there from here. 

Climax: My POV is usually at a point where a critical decision to be made. They make it but with a terrible consequence just around the corner.

Reversal: Just when my POV believes he or she has triumphed, the bottom falls out. Hard.

Lowering Drama: The lead up...final scene before all the buildup is revealed.

Plot Point Two: Remember what I promised in Plot Point One? We're here. I just hope you can handle the truth as I've chosen to reveal.

Denouement: Some writers don't feel this scene is necessary and I understand their point of view. I think it's critical. I want readers to know not only what happened to my POV, but if they overcame or even if they were swallowed up by what's happened to them. It also allows me the chance to advance this character if they are to be used again, or if it's one more twist I can present to the reader.       

Lifetime Movie Network

Watching TV with wife. These movies are sooooo over the tip with their portrayal of men.

James Swallow

just got off Amazon. I looked up James Swallow. If You like Sci Fi and you appreciate a simple, straightforward writing style you will enjoy this author. I've read a couple of Star Trek books by him and was more than entertained.

Inner Editor

I've struggled with this before.

I need to turn that inner Editor, that inner voice off. You know, the one who tells you that what you're writing is crap. The one that reminds you that putting in a movie in the blu-ray or watching something on the tube would be more gratifying than struggling through another day making sentences work.

It's tough sometimes. I'm hopeful that I'm as tough.

Small Press Mags

I'm happily surprised that many of those small press magazines and anthologies are still kicking and breathing.

Even before The Great Recession and Self Publishing being pushed to greater heights with the advent of e readers I know these outlets struggled to keep operating.

I haven't sent anything to them in some time, but I hope we're STILL talking about their "struggles" 20 years from now.

About "Waiting"

In case u didn't know...Waiting was published as part of a short story competition back in 2004. It finished 4th out of over a thousand entries.

The story that u can download at sony, smashwords, kobo, barnes and noble, or itunes for free, or at Amazon for $.99 is 3500 words longer, and definitely more expanded.

I give more character to Amadeus (who I thought was far to one dimensional), as well as more insight to Micah and Jonas.

I also expanded on the entire Core, Belt, and Centauri thing in this so called (12 worlds) because in 2004 I really had not expected to return to this fictional universe.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this about my first published work, and something that has always been near and dear to me.

Been busy

I got a little work done.

I studied Orson Scott Card on how prose works at a real personal level.  He calls it tight third person which reads almost like first person. He really gets inside a character's head, and tells readers what he is thinking from the inside out. Of course, the Ender family of books probably showcases this this best.

Spring Break

I've heard that more readers check in the esites during the holidays. Those who may have something to upload this may be your week to do so.


I'm looking 4 honest feedback and what you guys would pay 4 ebooks from Inde Authors. This guideline listed before is strickly MY outlook on it. I truly want YOURS.

Short Stories 500- 7500 words  $0 to $.99
Novelettes and Novellas 7500-50000 words $.99
Short Novels 50000to 100000 $1.99
Long Novels  100000 and up 2.99 to 4.99

OMG this is terrible...

Still tryin 2 get ova this bug. At least I slept well enough last night.

Managed to work on my template yesterday, and will again today.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013-14 template

New idea template.
4 novella templates
By 7 days.

1st story fin by end of april

2nd story fin by end of june.

2014- 2 novella templates a month from june 2 dec.

3rd story fin by end of sept

4th story fin by end of dec.

Then 1 novella a month thereafter.

Oh my...

Sinuses are killin me. Been a rough one but I'm nearly thru the last one. Off 4 a week after today.

Proud that my latest idea has come 2gether despite my illness.

Wanna know more then follow along...

More later.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Still trying to get over this little bug. Didn't sleep much last night, but struggled to the JOB anyway.

Otherwise uneventful. thought about my latest idea though, will start drawing up templates this weekend.

I'm so looking forward to that.

More later...(Probably)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In speaking of Sony...

Fumblerooski was the #1 downloaded free football on Sony. Look, it was only 14 total works available but I still felt tingly inside. ( I don't drink, so I can only guess what tingel feels like.) I am humbly greatful for all those who downloaded it. Thanks. I hope you enjoyed it.

Waiting is actually in the middle of the pack for Science Fiction download.
Again thanks.

I'm going to bed soon and try to sweat out this sickness hovering over me.

Good writing.

Thanks Smashwords

The internet has really become a place to whine. I've done so 2 night.

So when something positive happens I think it's fair 2 acknowledge it.

I contacted Smashwords after my two works did not post to Sony. After they emailed me back, I noticed within 24 hours that it finally was posted.

Sometimes you have to sell someone thanks.

Thanks smashwords.

more later.


I'm sick as a dog. It kinda cams on me about 3pm. I've been battling every since. And yet, I'm going to fight through this, do another day on the JOB cause I'm blessed to have a good one. My family doesn't need me to take a day off.

That's why it pisses (sorry but it does) me off,  when I have to work around moochers.

Again, my sickness, believe it or not, helps me focus. I like the idea I came up with today. It allows me to create a fair number of works a year, while not eating up precious family, JOB, and down time. I AM NOT A MACHINE. I have to remind myself of that sometimes.

I don't try to continue to write to get rich, I write to be read.

More later.  


The JOB was trying today. But what days like this DO four me is it gives me verification that I'm doing things THE RIGHT. I don't want to be famous, I'm not going to be rich. And yet, I am comfortable with the fact that I DONT WANT SOMETHING 4 NOTHING. I know too many people that do.

I sleep WELL at night.

More Later. 

Another Brainstorm

I think I got it. I think I've got it...

Monday, March 18, 2013

the teaser is done.

I got a very late start, but at least I got the teaser done. Time 4 bed. Good Writing.

"Waiting" cover

I've uploaded 2 or 3 different covers for it, but I admit this one really catches my eye.

More on "watchtower"

Will be looking 2 complete this story in next 8 days.

I may b on 2 somethn

I think this blog, google + thing may b working. Waiting had been stalled on a set number of downloads 4 a few dates but saw some action since I restarted blogging.
Thanks 2 all of have both b4 and 2 those who may in the future.

My work can b found at smashwords, barnes n noble, kobo, amazon, apple
pand hopefully sony.

More later

Comic format?

I loved comics as a kid. I'm also versed enuff 2 have read about noir style storytelling in the 1930's. I want to create a hybrid of the two.

Maybe I can publish twice a month over a number of years. Different characters. Different arcs in one universe. Yeah. I'm beginning to like the sound of this. More later.


Its amazing what comes to me while I'm here at work. I'm strongly considering writing nothing but 12 worlds stuff as a continuing arc. More later.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Again, just testing

Trying to get something to work.

just testing a theory

Trying to see if I can link this back to my google plus. Don't mind me.

Late Night

May put in some late night writing.

Sometimes writing writes itself

I was a litle shocked during the writing of the first draft of "Shadows of the Watchtower" at a particular scene towards the end.

I'll admit it came out of nowhere and I didn't plan. It's a little bold, it's a little testy, but if I ever get through the second draft, it absoultely HAS to stay. 

Terminator is still great

Watched the original remastered Terminator today on blu ray. It looked and sounded great though I take a half a star off for the full screen presentation. I'm a wide screen guy, just my personal preference. I certaintly understand why T2 is more popular with the masses, but Terminator sticks more with me because it is more of a Sc Fi flick where T2 seems more of the classic action flick. Just my two cents.   

work in progress

Still working on getting something done today.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I don't talk about Fumblerooski very much here.

Although I'm a huge sports fan (especially NHL, NFL, and college football) I don't think I'll write another non fiction piece.  Again, I want to feel emotion when I write. I didn't when I wrote that piece. I'm proud of it, of course. I put alot of work into it, I certaintly believe in the system I created, but it  felt so matter of fact by the time I finished it.

I'm not going to unpublish it though.


Does anyone know the setting on your computer to stop your cursor from hopping around as you type. THIS IS SO ANNOYING.

Shadow of the Watchtower

This tale will be about a group of women missionaries who call themselves The Sisters. They are Core citizens on a Proxima issued ship traveling in neutral space when they were attacked and boarded by the Centauri.

They have been in this Centauri prison camp for 8 months when this story opens.

This happens in the Fictional Universe of what I chosen to call the Twelve Worlds. Earth and Mars are the Core Planets, The inhabited moons of Jupiter and Saturn represent the Belt, Proxima and the Planets of the Centauri System are a third set of worlds, and there are a fourth family of worlds that I haven't worked out in my head yet.


Im watching Leafs-Jets on the tube. I'm proably one of the few hockey fans living in the southern US and perhaps the only person of color...but it is ALL GOOD. I love this game. 

2013 Schedule done

Just finished my one line blurbs for the 10 remaining stories to be written this year. There are 4 Twelve Worlds Novelettes and 6 other SCFI/Fantasy stories to be published.

All that being said (or written), tomorrow is a HUGE day. I've got to get over this internal editior flaw of mine and get some actual prose done.

Good luck to me...    

new "Waiting" cover

I've uploaded a slightly new cover of Waiting for smashwords and amazon. The latter is already posted on it's site. Smashwords distrubution partners ( Kobo, B&N, Itunes, and others) will be showing it anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks from now.

My reasoning is simple: I wanted to emphasize that this is one of a series (The Twelve Worlds)  of books in this same Sc Fi Universe when ever I have the urge to play in a soap opera setting. In fact my next release "Shadow of the Watchtower" will originate from Centauri space.

As of today I have two more stories planned for 2013 that take place in this same universe. One will feature Solaris- the daughter of Waiting's hero Trinity- in a heartbreaking endeavor. Another will involve an operative of the resistance that Trinity and Solaris' father Micah were active in during the heart of the Core's war against the Belt/Centauri alliance. I'm still working on the titles and covers so more on that as it comes to me.

Unless I change my mind (which I've been known to do) I plan to publish 4 or 5 stories a year from Twelve Worlds. I'll bounce around from time period to time period with each story. Whether it's the way to go about it or not, but writing from a dramatic POV is the way I'm going about this right now. If I truly wanted to make money I could try to create a series of ebooks with the sole goal of catering towards the masses. Hell, I could just request more OT at the JOB if that was the case. But yet, right now, what is in my heart is trying to push across to my readers the things that scare, disturb, bother, and trouble me. If I'm not tugging at your heart strings then I'm not accomplishing what my goals are. I'm not being true to myself.

Dang, I apologize, I didn't mean to go on this long...        

Busy Weekend

I worked on what will become my remaining ebook covers for the year. I'm getting better at it since I've learned how to incorporate both powerpoint and photoshop.

Tomorrow is REAL big. I'll start my second draft of Shadow of the Watchtower with intent to publish before the end of the month.

This story takes place in the same "universe" as Waiting.

I've chosen to call these stories as "The Twelve Worlds."

If you liked Waiting you may want to look for this ebook.    

Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm back. I can't believe that I'm back! I'm not sure where the energy and enthusiasm has come from, but I think it's legit this time. Anyway, more later...ALOT more later. Just got home from work last night. I need a little shut eye and then Ill share some things.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm back...kinda. I'm going to try and upload "Waiting" and "Fumblerooski"to Smashwords today. If it goes well I may publish any future work there so it can constantly be available at no cost. Here goes nothing...