Sunday, November 16, 2014

A new Direction

Well it is actually, A new direction.

For all that can't stand long winded fluff just read the next passage and then check back in tomorrow.

I have decided that ALL my writings will be listed as FREE until I make another announcement someday down the road. (If that's all you short patient people can stand then that is all that u need to know I will speak with you tomorrow.)

For all the rest who stayed around

here this.

I knew that starting up would be slow. Gaining readership. Gaining sales. Gaining notoriety (if that is ever possible) would be a slow process. I was cool with that. Really. Until the first 24 hours I saw Rapture up with not one sale. Not one. It hurt. It did. I've spent 8 and 12 hour days on this series so far. I've given up practically everything outside of family, work and eating since Oct 11th. I've put up over 118,000 words and drummed up readership worldwide. I've regenerated readership in my other works that have been up nearly 3 years now.

Yet, not one sale.

A well known author I follow online continually tells perspective writers what a process this is. And it is. It takes most Years to put a foothold into the business. I don't want to take years. I wish I were more patient. I wish I had more courage. I wish I had more will power and time. I wish.

I work hard at the real Job. There is a lot of stress there. That doesn't make me special. All of you who are in the American workforce suffer through the same things I do. You work too many hours, with too few co workers, for too little pay, with Corporate always looking for ways to line their pockets while trying to eliminate you.

I've been blesses/cursed to work at the same place for the better part of 24 years. I will continue to work there until they say that I can no longer clock in, whether that is by death, retirement or they shut us down.

What writing has done for me is that it gave me peace during the hours that I wrote. I don't think about that place. I don't think about the family issues that all the rest of you have as well. I don't think about anything but writing and publishing.
And that was a GOOD feeling.

But having projects sitting on the shelf with big fat zeroes sitting next to them adds to the stress that I already feel.

So I had a decision to make. 1 stop writing altogether. 2 continue along the course I had laid out. 3. and the one I've decided to pursue, is to continue to write but leave the fun in it by not looking it as another source of income for me and my family. I do alright. I'm very BLESSED to be doing alright.

I have a pension coming. I have 401 k coming. Both hopefully will be there when it is time for me to retire. I'm not going to add MORE stress by waiting on the zeroes to change to sells.

So after a hurtful day yesterday and a reevaluate one today, I'm still here. I'm different. My innocence is gone, but I'm still here.

So tomorrow it is back to Where are Our Children. I hope if you've read one or all three so far that you are enjoying it. I'm enjoying putting it out there. Past Prologue is on the way. All the others are on the way.

You good folks didn't need to be subjected to this whining. Thanks for listening (reading) 

An old direction is new, a new direction is an old one.

Carry on, Gary, Carry on.