Monday, December 22, 2014

Having a Google Day

I repeat myself a lot here so here we again.

I can't compare my downloads to anyone else because I can't view what is going on with anyone else's books. I only have the standards of previous downloads to go. And by comparison of first downloading, Zero Hour is a success especially considering that it debuted on a Sunday, which has been a slow reading day over at Smashwords.

Either someone, somewhere, likes this series or they are faking it very well. (smile)

Again thanks for the support and downloads.

I've got the latest episode uploaded at Kobo as well and I'm going to try to get Google Play/Books done as well today.

I haven't talked much about Google since I started publishing over there but I think I should start changing that fact. My books do far better than they do at ITunes (especially fiction). It is also neat that you get to see the countries that are doing the downloading as well. Good stuff to be sure.

Anyway, I feel great for a lot of reasons: Got a power nap after work last night which was my best this weekend. Zero Hour did very well in the 24 hours or so that it has been up. And I did some brainstorming a two or three series that I believe could be successful as either short tales of fiction or novels, we'll see.

Anyway, I'm out of here for today.

Have a Google of a day.