Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Until We Meet Again

I finished two more chapters of Past Prologue today. I feel like I'm rolling along as I will pass the half way point of this episode by this time tomorrow. Hopefully, I will pass the half way point to this project by the end of next week as well.

In indirectly speaking of numbers, I went over the 132,000 word mark today. Wow. To think when I plotted this thing originally, my concern was NOT having enough material to complete a novel. Go figures.

The downloads of Rapture and all the Where are Our Children are coming fast and furious on Smashwords. Rapture still hasn't made it outside to other distributors as of yet. I guess the meatgrinder is backed up. I'll check in a minute and hope that it has gotten through. I don't expect any formatting issues but one never knows until it this episode's turn to try and get through.

I actually got my first download from someone on I Tunes yesterday. My fiction had done little to nothing over there so I am happy to see it. My non fiction football stuff does VERY well over there and although the reviews aren't as high as I like to see...it is wonderful to see so many people downloading them. I'm talking numbers in the thousands of downloads. I just want everybody to remember that I am expressing an OPINION in those articles. I hope that readers can appreciate my argument. I'm not asking for everyone to AGREE with me. (Though that would be nice)

Again, for you Amazon folks, make sure you price match so that all of my writings are free over on Amazon.com as well. I would love to see my stuff move up their rankings as well.

Anyway, I'm done for today. I've been enjoying my time off with my writing and putting some final touches on my short fiction that I hope to return to after Children is done.

Thanks for your attention guys, until we meet again...