Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bringing out the best in me

The event happening tomorrow has been along time coming.

I've been wanting to get something (Tebow) off my chest for a long time coming.

I finished designing the e-book cover a few minutes ago. It's good. It's serviceable.

But it's been nearly a year since I've written anything original.

Leave it to ol' Tebow to force me to dust off the keyboard and hack something out.

You shouldn't be surprised.

Tebow is known to bring out the best in everybody. Right? Right. Right!

Sometimes life is good.

Chilling at home tonight watching Ranger-Flyers preseason on  the tube.
Only a couple weeks before the real games begin.
Sometimes life is good.

King James meet Queen James

Congrats on the big wedding, boy!!!

Take it from me bruh, when you have as many off days as Lebron James does, you better get that house work done.

Paper Champs

I guess the experts have already crowned the Seattle Seahawks champions after only 2 weeks of play.

I'll admit they'll be a tough out in the NFC playoffs, especially with that madhouse of a home field advantage they have.

Stay tuned.


It looks as if the Steelers that we've come to love or loathe are done.

Time to retool.

Tebow Rally

Look at all those potential season ticket holders and jersey buyers that showed up at the Sign Tebow rally down at Everbank Field yesterday.

They are a loud minority just like I've been saying along.

I'm this close...to publishing a Tebow article on Smashwords.

Good norning

Just seein if the mobile version of this thing still works.