Sunday, October 12, 2014


The "lite" version of my birthday celebration went well. What I mean by that is that my bride and I took a trip last month, our first (and hopefully) venture of the country. So with her birthday in August we kind of wrapped both of the events and expenses around that trip to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. So we just went and saw Denzel Washington's latest flick and had an inexpensive lunch and came back to the house around 4:30 pm with a smile on both our faces.

I had full intentions of doing some work: Setting up a tumblr, facebook, twitter and other social networking outlets as well as looking over the State of Florida's mandates about running a small business but never got around to it as I started writing right away. Back to that in a minute. As far as the social networking goes, I've decided that I need a presence on each platform but I'm going to spend very little time there. The idea is to blog daily here, copy and paste, and link it to the other sites. My chances at success with plan are about an average number of sales against a high volume of production. That's it. It's that simple. It's that challenging. My storytelling ability and production abilities will ultimately decide how successful this venture truly is. More specifics on this on a later date, (smile)

Like I said, I started writing at 4:30 pm and if you take a few potty and stretching breaks I'd put up 7677 words by the time a dropped into bed at 2am. I only WISH that was a typo. Again, these are not original words. This is this novel's second draft. But I've never written that much prose in a single day in my life.

The bad news is...if there is EVER bad news with that kind of production, is that I only finished Serena's first chapter, which is the novel's third chapter if you count the Prologue (which I do.) Then Thomas first chapter engulfed the remainder of that 7000 plus word count. Yikes!

When I originally wrote the first draft 4 years ago, I felt these early chapters ran long. I will say that I see very little fluff in them. This novel had a lot of plot. Whether that plot pushes the story, you the ready will have to decide.

Anyway, when I started this project up again, I promised myself I would let the chips fall where they may, or I my critical voice would interfere, I would never finish it, and I would set it aside forever. I don't want to do that.

I've been long winded again. I'm going to work on the first Angel chapter today. I don't expect 7000 words but who knows? I'm going to stop the writing aspect long enough to watch my beloved but pitiful Jaguars while setting up those social sites as I scream and yell at my TV, then back to writing as much as I can stand before I return to the Job tomorrow.

Note: A major announcement is coming tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

Fiction Words Produced: 7677
Where are our Children to date: 12874
No Covers Made