Thursday, December 18, 2014


My terrible jags got it done 2 night. 

As far as my writing, i'm about 80 percent done with the zero hour.

I had a ton of out of the house stuff ro do b4 i return 2 work tomorrow night.

But i still got most of my writing done. I will finish this chapter done 2 night and start final edits and formatting after a long sleep 2 night.

Anyway, lets hear one for me.

And one for the big cats from jax


Seven Whole Days

I'm reminded of the Tony Braxton song when I post tonight.

I haven't posted in seven whole days.

I haven't WRITTEN in seven whole days.

I said that I wouldn't post here or on Twitter until I wrote again.

Well, I hopped back on the horse tonight. I finished to whole chapters.

And despite a very busy schedule tomorrow, I expect to finish this draft of Zero Hour tomorrow. I will edit and upload by Friday.

I'm not perfect. If u don't believe that then ask my wife or mom, they will be more than happy to tell you. (smile)

I'm scared that all of this is for nothing.

I'm afraid that the critical voice is going to eventually win.

That voice that keeps telling me that my writings are garbage. Or that no one will read it...or those who read it will hate it. Or that I'm going to never make money from this. Or that I'm to tired too do this, or too old to start now, or that I can't wait three years or five years for readers to manifest themselves...

Believe me folks, I could go on with that last paragraph the rest of the night.

Seven whole days.

I 'm here. I won't make promises. But I am here.

Talk to you tomorrow.