Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Devil in the Details

I'm wanna of those people who likes to watch the "behind the scenes" footage on blu rays. I'm interested in how writers and directors think about characters, plot, story etc.

I'm a TREMENDOUS fan of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Most of all because in my humble opinion he gets the concept of Batman right. As wonderful as the bad guys are (Cat woman, Bane, and the Joker of course) Batman still is Nolan's greatest achievement.

My favorite of many favorite scenes in the series is when Batman fetches the Chinese bad guy who is handling the mobs money in the DARK KNIGHT. After Batman whips several of the other guy's henchman, he literally drags the guy to the open window. Now that is who Batman is. Basically he is saying without uttering a word...I'm tired, bring your ass here.

Anyway I brought Nolan up because he says in one of the many documentaries in The DARK KNIGHT RISES how he and his crew made the characters Nolan's characters.

In other words, no matter how an author has portrayed a character, plot, or story, what makes it different than it's ever been portrayed before is that it is my way of doing things.

Powerful stuff indeed.       

you learn something new everyday.

Look, I consider myself as computer literate as the next guy, but I just used a spreadsheet for the first time today. Man, this thing is great for tracking characters and any other information you may want to write down and update as you move along.

I highly recommend using it to anybody out there.