Friday, July 10, 2015

day of rest

I had a busy and stressful week at work and I'm taking a day off from writing today. I'm half way through the 4th chapter and I will finish it and possibly the 5th chapter tomorrow. It is a good bet that the final chapter of this series hits Smashwords next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

I've done a TON and I do mean a ton of brainstorming on writing projects moving forward and I am so excited that I can barely stand myself. I'm putting together some templates, charts and other data like that. One thing that I've learned from Children is that it is VITAL to have character, place and event information available when you need it. There is nothing words than having to break storytelling momentum because you have to research info on a past character, scene or other vital stuff.

Anyway, keep peeking in to your favorite downloading sites as I will be publishing new covers to the first 6 episodes of Children.

Until tomorrow...