Friday, October 24, 2014

Short and Sweet

I'm going to promise to keep this posting short and sweet. Here it goes...
Since I last posted, I've finished Serena and Xavier's latest chapters. This story is expanding beyond anything I would have ever imagined and I'm enjoying watching where the chips are falling.

I have four more chapters to go on Deliverance, they will all need a final polish and formatting before they are uploaded.

I am returning to work tonight, so Life as I call it will get in the way little. No more 8 or 12 hour sessions on the serial for awhile. But I am holding myself to at least a chapter s day, which will put the upload in the middle of next week if I don't hit any hiccups.

Alright, I did it, I kept  the posting short and sweet today. I only I could do this with this story...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Long Winded

I'm posting early today because Life is going to get in the way of my writing a little today. I finished Xavier's 2nd chapter a few minutes ago and somehow...someway will get another Serena chapter done before bed tonight.

I'll say this: I'm done fighting myself about the word count. The last two chapters rivaled some of the earlier chapters that many of you have in your hands right now. It was A LOT of backstory to these character that is important as the main story moves forward. many readers may disagree with me and that's fine. But this isn't padding on my part. Remember, 6 of these 9 episodes are listed as FREE. and with the other three going for only $.99 a piece there isn't a lot of royalty in this for me even if this serial sells like crazy. (smile)

Anyway, everyone across all outlets should have the new covers and back matter in my first three works as they all went through the meatgrinder successfully yesterday. I made another round of modifications on 411 yesterday and I'm cautiously optimistic that everyone out there (Other than Amazon Kindle Exclusive folks) will have a copy burning their fingers by this weekend if they wish.

I CAN by so long winded at times...   

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Technical difficulties

I don't usually post to the blog until after I'm completed with whatever I'm trying to accomplish for the day but I'll make an exception today. (smile)

I competed 2nd drafts of two chapters and have plans to do one more after completing this blogging. Theses are the first two chapters of Deliverance: Episode 2 of 9 of the Where are our Children (Serial) but chapter 11 and 12 respectively in the original novel. Other than you guys who go to Smashwords for your fiction, you don't have an earthly idea what I'm talking about since a couple of technical difficulties but I'll touch on these in a paragraph or two down. For now let's focus on how the writing itself is coming.

Just like I suspected, the word count is coming down. 411clocked in at over 35,000 words. I don't suspect any of the remaining 8 books to finish over 15000 words each but we will see. I also predicted the first Roxanne chapter to be a bitch...and well it is just that. There is an important back story in there, that I never quite made clear to myself the first time around and I'm paying a price for it now. Anyway, I just wanted to get it out of my head and unto the paper, which I did this morning. I'll work on it some more tonight because it has to be right before I publish this 2nd episode.

I faced a similar issue with Seth's back story but I have most his issues worked out. I hinted at it but I didn't reveal it (as you readers can tell) if you've already yet, since his first chapter was already running long anyway. It's coming. Be patient.    

I finished Thomas second chapter as it went relatively smooth but will need touching up.

I got a Serena chapter to start and finish after I'm done here.

Oh yea, back the technical difficulties. I got a little (lot) frustrated with technical stuff yesterday. There is an issue over amazon and its family of publishing houses that I have to attend to this afternoon. Although I am happy how well all of my new covers for my first three books came out over there. I did them as well for the Smashwords family but I had other glitches occur on me with the uploads, so gain everything is delayed going out to the major retailers. A very small error cost me on 411 that I fixed and I'm hoping folks outside of the main page get to start downloading it as soon as today. I'm curious at what the numbers will look like. Again, it is by FAR been my most successful publication so far. Again, I thank each and EVERY reader. I hope you enjoy it.

Alright it is back to it, and I'm hoping technical difficulties don't keep my writing away from you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One Last Look Back

I decided to take a full day off from writing for a couple reasons.

I was mentally and physically drained after that marathon yesterday of editing and formatting. I hadn't published anything in over a year, so Smashword's standards lead to some head scratching if you haven't done it in a while.

Actually, that leads me to my second topic first. I felt so positive about the formatting that I reformatted and put added new covers to my three previous works: Waiting, Fumblerooski, and The Gospel According to John. All three have a table of contents, superior formatting than the versions that came before them, and new back matter that mentions all my present and near future releases.

Look, I understand that these 3 works have made zero dollars for me since they were published. They are my first 3 babies however. I love them. And they also serve as a means to introduce readers to my newer work coming up in Where are our Children and beyond.

Now, onto that present and near future I was talking about. I won't get into specific numbers but 411: Episode 1 of Where are Our Children has had more downloads in its first 12 hours than my previous 3 works combined. I thank EACH and EVERY reader. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.

Smashwords is the only outlet it is available at the moment of this writing but that should change rapidly over the next few hours and days.

Remember, a fair review is always helpful and appreciated by any Indie Author.

On to the future, but the one last look back was nice...    

Monday, October 20, 2014

Signed, Sealed, Deilvered, it's Yours.

What a day.

I spent a total of 12 hours editing and formatting 411: The first episode of The Where our are Children Series.

I'm exhausted!!!

I'm very excited!!!

A note to readers, as I've stated before, Episodes 1,2,4,5,7, and 8 will be available at Smashwords and your other favorite retailers (besides Amazon) for free. Episodes 3,6, and 9 will sell for $.99 a piece.

The Smashwords version is ready for download today. I am confident that ITunes, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo will have their versions before the weekend.

Again, the Amazon version will be ready almost the same day as the release of Whirlwind: The 9th and final episode on Smashwords.

More release news: Fumblerooski, How the NCAA fumbled the ball on the coming playoff is available as an audio book on It should be ready in day on Amazon and ITunes. I suspect my Twelve Worlds Novelette should be ready on all three formats in day as well. On the audio front as well, I am strongly considering offering The Gospel According to John: How Elway saved us from Tebow, his media cronies and an insufferable fan base as well. I will make that decision by this weekend.

A couple of final notes before I sign off for today, my first three works will probably go off line for a few hours while I resubmit the back matter showing my newest and upcoming releases. (I have to market where I can. (smile) ) 

A special thank you goes to Miss  Corrine Elletson Kilgore. I haven't published to Smashwords in over a year and I wouldn't have got through the meatgrinder without your videos on YouTube. Thank you. 

I will be back hard at writing ( I never want to refer to this as working) Deliverance: Episode 2 either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I don't anticipate any of the remaining Episodes to be as nearly as long as the 35,000 word monster available to you guys right now.

Anyway, at least I have a few things out there for you guys to enjoy. It's signed, sealed, delivered...It YOURS.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Manic Monday

411, the first episode of The Where are our Children Serial Novel is done.

Well, kind of.

The second draft clocked in at over 34,000 words for 10 chapters.  That's nearly 350,000 word total, epic fantasy like numbers for a completed novel. Again, I don't see the finished product finishing nearly that high, but I'm not going try to condense it. The words are flowing as I had intended them to. This is what I want. And I'm having a ball doing it. That's something that I NEVER thought I would say about writing again. 

Anyone, Monday is going to be CRAZY. I'm going into polish mode, waxing this draft until I can make it shine, then try and format it and then make it fit through Smashword's meatgrinder tomorrow night.

Wish me luck...I'm going to need it.

In the meantime, I  designed the covers for the first 10 stories that I like to bill as Short Tales of Fiction, with a 5 volume cover and a 10 volume cover. 12 releases all together in this first wave. Each short tale will appear as a stand alone story, then it will appear again in within a 5 story volume, and one final time in a 10 story volume. I'll explain more about all of this series as we get closer to it's release. This series begins immediately after A House of Chains is completed.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Telling Secrets

Another early posting, after a marathon 4 hour writing session that netted me over 4000 words in Xavier's first chapter. I can't tell you that it is my best chapter, ultimately that is up to you, the reader to decide, but it flowed out of me easier than anything I've rewritten so far. One reason, I gather is that I could tell that I had reached a certain comfort level by this time around the first time I wrote the first draft.

Anyway, after I complete this blog and some other publishing things, I'm probably putting the computer down for the rest of the day and kick my feet up and watch so college football during the day and some hockey tonight. I think I've earned the break.

I've redone my interview on Smashwords for anyone who would like to venture over there for a peek. I talk a lot about this novel. I even give some insights about some of the characters.

I'm gonna try and upload a picture of the cover for 411, the first episode in the Where are our Children Serial so you guys can get a look see. I tried it yesterday but the computer kept freezing up. I don't know whether it was my computer or blogger. So no promises...

But get a look at the interview. I tell a little bit about the process over there.

And I share a few secrets...