Thursday, December 18, 2014

Seven Whole Days

I'm reminded of the Tony Braxton song when I post tonight.

I haven't posted in seven whole days.

I haven't WRITTEN in seven whole days.

I said that I wouldn't post here or on Twitter until I wrote again.

Well, I hopped back on the horse tonight. I finished to whole chapters.

And despite a very busy schedule tomorrow, I expect to finish this draft of Zero Hour tomorrow. I will edit and upload by Friday.

I'm not perfect. If u don't believe that then ask my wife or mom, they will be more than happy to tell you. (smile)

I'm scared that all of this is for nothing.

I'm afraid that the critical voice is going to eventually win.

That voice that keeps telling me that my writings are garbage. Or that no one will read it...or those who read it will hate it. Or that I'm going to never make money from this. Or that I'm to tired too do this, or too old to start now, or that I can't wait three years or five years for readers to manifest themselves...

Believe me folks, I could go on with that last paragraph the rest of the night.

Seven whole days.

I 'm here. I won't make promises. But I am here.

Talk to you tomorrow.   

Thursday, December 11, 2014

When Insanity greets Insanity

Real quick:

Last night I told u guys that I officially went over the half way point of the Where are our Children Serial.

During one of the scenes in Zero Hour, a major character ask a group of other characters how do you answer insanity?

Ultimately, the answer would be that you answer insanity...with MORE insanity.

If you thought the first half of this serial has some insane moments... ain't seen nothing yet.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Upon Official Review

I'm there., not there. Not yet, at least. I haven't finished the Where are our Children Serial yet. I'm not even finished with the 5th episode which will be called Zero Hour.

I am officially at the half way point of the serial.

And without the polish to this section still to come, I'm at over 164,000 words. And if I'm doing my math correctly, that would put me over 328,000 total for the serial at this pace.

I'm done speculating how long this will be by then. The final word count will be what it is.

I have been thinking once again about doing a single volume for Amazon. But WOW what a weekend or so it would take to format that monster.

Anyway, upon further review, guys, we're halfway there.

Hold on to hope.

I most certainty will.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Why ask Why

I try to never talk about specific downloads or sales here. I think it's tacky. But I will tell you that today was the most downloads that one of my titles (Past Prologue) has ever received, to my knowledge, in one day.

To day that I was astounded would be a huge understatement. The title has been out for 8 days. I wish I could bottle up the reason this happened and open it anytime I wish but I can't. And again they are downloads and not sales. I could only dream of having a day like this one in sales.

Anyway, thank u all who helped make this such a historic day for me. I hope I enjoy Where are our Children's continuing storyline. I'm on my way to work on Zero Hour within the hour.

Sometimes you have just take good fortune when it comes.

Why ask why?

Monday, December 8, 2014

short n sweet

nothing much to report today.

I'm pushing just past the half way point, though 2 releases before Christmas seems unlikely.

Come back tomorrow.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Half's and the Half's nots

I got through work last night relatively unscathed. I have almost 24 whole hours off before I start my final 5 day stretch before some well deserved time off. Wish me Luck.

I managed to get a lot of thinking and planning done last night. I'm very close to making an announcement about permanent plans in my writing future after Children is done. I think I'll sleep on it and let it spin around in my head a little longer. I want to be crystal clear in my own mind before I announce it.

I spent considerable time on twitter in the past 24 hours. I'll be honest...I haven't had a lot of personal or professional use for it. That changed over the past day. I plan to spend more time over there, especially for Nest Egg Publishing. I will continue mostly writing talk on this blog and my thoughts on everything else in the world over there. We all make professional errors in judgment. I think ignoring the power of Twitter has been one of mine.

Well, I'm off for a power nap. Busy, busy, busy when I get up. I have a date with my terrible Jags. Xavier's chapter is on the agenda today and then its off to work and play on Twitter.

When X's chapter is done it will officially mark passing the half way point of the serial.


The half's and half's nots.           

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Giving the Devil his Due

Another day, another chapter done somehow...someway.

This is the most 'physically tired I've been in some time. I've worked the better part of 7 days in a row with 6 more still to go. Most of these hours have been at night so I've been trying to sleep during the day. This is the last night though, before I switch to days Monday. (Yea)

Real quick: I talk a lot on this blog about Where are our Children. I've got to give some props to my second and third creations Fumblerooski and The Gospel According to John. These sports articles are doing fabulous on ITunes in terms of downloads. Fumblerooski moved all the way up to number 3 in the football category and in the top 5 for sports all together.

I think they've really been on a run because the true playoff is forming as I write this and you read it. I'm proud of every word I write. But as I publish more, I think it easy to put older works on the back burner and talk exclusively about new stuff. The nature of the beast sometimes.

Anyway, thanks to the downloaders of all my writings.

But Fumblerooski deserved a moment of special recognition for what its accomplished. 

Sometimes you have to give the Devil its due.