Wednesday, July 22, 2015

late night snack

I expect to be up late.

I'm going to format the middle three episodes of Where are our Children into the Amazon Exclusive Edition tonight. Like I said in previous post, it is fun but it is CHALLENGING. I will get it done and maybe in time enough for you guys who want this work in one volume to have it this weekend.

One more mention of my e-book releases. Yesterday was the LARGEST download day that I have ever experienced to my knowledge. And by my knowledge, I mean Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Google Books/Play KOBO and I Tunes. There are other downloading venues out there but I don't have there download data at my fingertips. Anyway, THANK U to ALL who were involved in my big day. It means everything to me. I hope the end of the journey was worth the trip.

Or was it the end?

I couldn't resist adding that. Where are our Children IS over. Yet, some of the characters may be seen again. Yes, you may indeed see some of the characters (and a point of view) or the other who you have not experienced before--and soon.

One last thing before I let you guys go for the night. Waiting is this (put your index finger and your thumb together in a pinching motion without touching) and it is that close to reaching a huge milestone in downloads. You don't know how happy this makes me.

I'm so happy that you guys maybe seeing ALOT more of the 12 Worlds universe in the very near future.


Did I give something away?

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