Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Createspace and Audiobook

Before I get to the third and final part of my "Big" announcement about what happened to me last night. I got in around 800 words which puts me over 20000 for the rewrite so far. But for the first time since I restarted my writing (remember my blog entry on the 11th) I really hit what I've come to call my Wall of Criticism. Anyone who has done anything creative knows what I mean: This is stupid, do you know how many people try and fail at his, know one is ever going to buy what you are selling.

Well, I fought through it. I still have the last have of Seth's first chapter to finish then it will be Chris' first chapter. I'm going to do some more errands, finalize some covers for the Smashwords serial edition, and hit the sack. I'll get up before work and do actual writing in the morning, with some luck in that regards.

As for the final part of the announcement, I will publish what I'm going to title:  the Where are our Children Complete and Uncut on Createspace (print on demand for anybody who doesn't know) and the audiobook version which will be available through Amazon, Audible. com, and ITunes.

This final version will feature the Smashwords entry plus the epigraphs that I've created throughout the book. With the project split up during the serial they felt like they were causing a disconnect and in the Amazon version they don't fir either because that entry will reader fast the first version. The final version will present this novel as I've always intended it to be presented.

By the way, if you don't know what an epigraph is look up authors like Karen Traviss or Frank Hebertts' Dune series. Nobody in the business uses these fascinating way of sneaking information, plot and suspense in better than these two.

Fiction Words: 800
Covers Designed: 11