Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Technical difficulties

I don't usually post to the blog until after I'm completed with whatever I'm trying to accomplish for the day but I'll make an exception today. (smile)

I competed 2nd drafts of two chapters and have plans to do one more after completing this blogging. Theses are the first two chapters of Deliverance: Episode 2 of 9 of the Where are our Children (Serial) but chapter 11 and 12 respectively in the original novel. Other than you guys who go to Smashwords for your fiction, you don't have an earthly idea what I'm talking about since a couple of technical difficulties but I'll touch on these in a paragraph or two down. For now let's focus on how the writing itself is coming.

Just like I suspected, the word count is coming down. 411clocked in at over 35,000 words. I don't suspect any of the remaining 8 books to finish over 15000 words each but we will see. I also predicted the first Roxanne chapter to be a bitch...and well it is just that. There is an important back story in there, that I never quite made clear to myself the first time around and I'm paying a price for it now. Anyway, I just wanted to get it out of my head and unto the paper, which I did this morning. I'll work on it some more tonight because it has to be right before I publish this 2nd episode.

I faced a similar issue with Seth's back story but I have most his issues worked out. I hinted at it but I didn't reveal it (as you readers can tell) if you've already yet, since his first chapter was already running long anyway. It's coming. Be patient.    

I finished Thomas second chapter as it went relatively smooth but will need touching up.

I got a Serena chapter to start and finish after I'm done here.

Oh yea, back the technical difficulties. I got a little (lot) frustrated with technical stuff yesterday. There is an issue over amazon and its family of publishing houses that I have to attend to this afternoon. Although I am happy how well all of my new covers for my first three books came out over there. I did them as well for the Smashwords family but I had other glitches occur on me with the uploads, so gain everything is delayed going out to the major retailers. A very small error cost me on 411 that I fixed and I'm hoping folks outside of the main page get to start downloading it as soon as today. I'm curious at what the numbers will look like. Again, it is by FAR been my most successful publication so far. Again, I thank each and EVERY reader. I hope you enjoy it.

Alright it is back to it, and I'm hoping technical difficulties don't keep my writing away from you.