Friday, October 17, 2014

Keep on Moving on

I posting a bit early today, with a day off from work, I'm doing some things a little different than my last few working days.

Anyway, I noticed I didn't post my word count the other day and I'm going to stop that for a bit. Again, the first draft of this novel is already completed. I'm adding new prose in spots, and taking it away in others. It is running long right now, though Chris' first chapter is the first one I've done a second draft on that felt close to a 'normal' chapter size.

Word count is going to be important to me moving forward, but I will post the WHY to that later on. It's a doozy. One project at a time, though. After hitting a rough patch in Seth's first chapter, I really felt back on track writing Chris POV.

Oh Yea, I guess its time to explain this Chris chapter...Angel chapter stuff...

George R R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy book series is the best prose I've ever read. Period.  One of the things that causes of very complex story to flow easier is how Martin titles his chapters after is Point of View (POV) characters. He says he adapted the template from one of his favorite writers Jack Vance as I adopted it from Martin.

I'm not trying to be Martin. I will NEVER be that good. But the POV approach to storytelling works well for me in telling Where are our Children. I hope it works well for readers as well.

Barring some unforeseen setback I can see the first episode of this 9 part arc published  to Smashwords late Monday. I haven't put anything through their meatgrinder in a while so I can't honestly speak to how long after that it starts to appear at retailers.  

I feel good today.

I keep on moving on...