Saturday, December 6, 2014

Giving the Devil his Due

Another day, another chapter done somehow...someway.

This is the most 'physically tired I've been in some time. I've worked the better part of 7 days in a row with 6 more still to go. Most of these hours have been at night so I've been trying to sleep during the day. This is the last night though, before I switch to days Monday. (Yea)

Real quick: I talk a lot on this blog about Where are our Children. I've got to give some props to my second and third creations Fumblerooski and The Gospel According to John. These sports articles are doing fabulous on ITunes in terms of downloads. Fumblerooski moved all the way up to number 3 in the football category and in the top 5 for sports all together.

I think they've really been on a run because the true playoff is forming as I write this and you read it. I'm proud of every word I write. But as I publish more, I think it easy to put older works on the back burner and talk exclusively about new stuff. The nature of the beast sometimes.

Anyway, thanks to the downloaders of all my writings.

But Fumblerooski deserved a moment of special recognition for what its accomplished. 

Sometimes you have to give the Devil its due.