Friday, September 27, 2013

Football Night(s) in America

As much as I love watching football on the tube, 5 nights a week is a little much.

Follow what I'm saying...what makes football special is the importance of each and every game. Well, when you televise so many games between college, pro, and high school, it takes away some of that important feel.

All that being said, I'll tune in to the 2nd tier college games that the mother ship (ESPN) airs on Friday night during commercial breaks of my NHL doubleheader action on NHL Network tonight.

Did I mention I love my NHL.... 

My bad

Smashwords sent back some data showing I had some errors in my formatting for The Tebow article.

The formatting has changed a wee bit since I last published anything at the start of the year.

All this means is the Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple crowd will probably have to wait another week to down load it from their sites.

Again...its free on ALL outlets except Amazon. I'm expecting it to do well. It has had more than a respectable showing on the Smashword's site where Non Fiction doesn't do nearly as well as Fiction. At least in my limited experience in self publishing.

Enjoy...and leave me a fair ratings. Indie authors LOVE fair ratings.