Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A little something educational

I'm going to try to give the government stuff a rest for today. The wife purchased NBA pre season tickets for the game here in Doooooovall (Jacksonville) tonight for my birthday.

So I'm chilling right now, surfing the net and watching something very educational on my Blu-ray.

First Blood.

Where did Summer go?

It's like 59 degrees this morning here in Dooooovall.

Where is my coat?

A true Sports Fanatic

I proclaim myself as an avid sports fanatic, and I am.

Yet, I read a story this morning about a fan showing up at the home of Houston Texan QB Matt Schaub berating him and taking pictures of his family.

Being a hard core Jaguars fan I dislike the Texans and believe that Schaub has always been overrated as a NFL QB but this entire paragraph is irrelevant to the real problem.

This "fan" took the time to find the man's house and yell at him about a GAME in front of his family.

This act crosses so many social lines (and a borderline legal one) that it is truly sad.