Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Black Friday

Whew!!! It took 2 and a half writing sessions but I finished the next to last chapter in Rapture. I hope (and that is a big hop) that I can wrap up Episode 3 within the next 24 hours.

And then we are at Black Friday. THAT Black Friday. You're getting ahead of yourself folks. (smile)

My version of Black Friday features the single most releases by me in one day. Part of my BIG announcement is that 411-Deliverance and now Rapture will be published to Amazon on Friday. I wanted to REALLY do Amazon's version as a trilogy but the pacing just does not work as such. Novels should have a distinct opening, middle and conclusion. And you must have a clear conclusion even if you're doing the trilogy and I couldn't promise that.

I am still debating the one complete and uncut edition although it would be a MONSTER. I'm nearing 110,000 words and I am only a 3rd of the way through this tale.

So, I will publish the 9 episodes over there as well. Amazon does not allow you to put anything on its site as free unless you are in KDP. Anyone who has downloaded Where are our Children already and saw my interview on Smashwords  should know that my word stands as it is. Episodes 1,2,4,5,7, and 8 will remain free. 3,6,and 9 will sell for $.99. 

Amazon's versions will all be $.99. If you guys know how you can price match and Amazon will reduce the free ones on other sites to free on theirs as well. 

I also will be publishing the print version or Rapture as well Friday on Createspace. 

And of course, Rapture will sell on Samshwords and its family of distributors for $.99 as well.

Wish me luck, guys, I have a TON of writing and publishing to due in the next 48 hours. ( I try never to call it work. Work is what I have to do in the morning at 7am sharp.)

Black Friday is on the way...