Sunday, June 14, 2015

Never Keep a Beautiful Woman Waiting

I read that somewhere.
I bring it up because that saying should go for readers as well.
I kept you folks waiting a LONG time.
I apologize. Really. The downloads that went through the roof over night on Smashwords prove that there is a desire out there for my work. I still have a lot of improvement in writing and editing and publishing to do. I know that. And to the young lady that left the only review of my over all work on Where are our Children-- you were right. You are right in everything that you sated in your critique.
Betrayal--like all of the other works is not perfect. I seriously doubt that anything that I publish will ever be.
I'm looking at Iron Man 2 on the tube right now as I type this.
I watched Captain America: The Winter Solider last night.
I saw Mad Max: Fury Road (twice) last week at the theatre.
I read Old Man Logan (Graphic Novel) on my Kindle in the past month.
I watched Daredevil (season 1) on Netflix within the last month.
Why did I bring up all of these books and movies...because they are excellent forms of great STORYTELLING.
I told you guys several paragraphs back that I doubt that I will ever publish a perfect E book. But my goal is to grow as a storyteller with each fictional tale I publish. Betrayal felt good coming out of me. The continuation of the story felt strong. I'm proud of it.
I sure did.