Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Truth Will Set You Free

I'm halfway through Past Prologue now. I have another chapter to fit in sometimes before the end of the day and I'll be over half way through this episode.

Today, I'll talk about Truth. Truth comes in a lot of forms. I'll tell you the truth about where I am. I'm pleased at how many of you have downloaded all of my writings, and particularly satisfied with the project that I am working on right now. I must admit that it hasn't been the same since Saturday when I didn't draw any sales for Rapture after the previous two episodes had done so well on downloads. I talked about that in full in a rant the other day so I won't repeat all of it here.

I think I am suffering from a bit a fatigue as well. I've put in nearly 4000 words a day since I started back writing on Oct 11th. That is a pace that would put me near 1.5 million words a day in a calendar year. I don't want to continue at this pace. I can't continue at this pace. 

Like I said countless times before, Where are Our children was NEVER meant to be presented to the reader in this fashion. It's coming out of me. I've decided to let it come as it may. Past Prologue has been difficult, partly because the newness as worn off, partly because of what happened Saturday, and partly because of the pace I've been writing at.

I'm going to be fine. I think. For one thing, I can tell you that if you have enjoyed this story so far, then the coming episodes will knock your socks off. Past prologue doesn't have the dramatic moment like the Peacekeepers liberation of Carver like Rapture does or Serena's miraculous escape through downtown Atlanta as Deliverance does, but there are a ton of details and plot that you must not miss.

All that changes with episode 5 which will be titled Zero Hour. I get excited thinking about it. And I think that excitement will help regenerate me moving forward.

That is the truth of it precious reader.

And the truth will set you free.