Friday, December 5, 2014

Falling for Anything

I'm trying to make it through a difficult work schedule and get my writing in. I managed to get most of the second chapter of Zero Hour done. I will try to work on the third today but that will be a supreme challenge.

Let me share some very early observations about where Zero Hour is at this stage and where I am as a writer of it at this stage as well.

Thomas delivers his findings that he promised Mayor Ernestine Johnson that he would. I employed a writing device that I've rarely seen used that you guys will notice when you read it. I think it's affective.

Those who have read Past Prologue noticed a little device that occurred between Angel's/Seth's back to back chapters concerning Denise Prince. This was planned all along. These two chapters are happening at the same time. Again, I think it works. I hoped you did as well.

Finally, Louis Keaton opens Zero Hour. I will say this. If you guys read my Smashwords interview you'll see that I state that Louis is a difficult character for me to right because of all that is going on with the guy. This chapter was THE MOST DIFFICULT section that I've written in my entire life. I'm not talking from a grammar or setting or anything like that. The content was disturbing even to me. But I can tell any of you who have written fiction before that you learn things about characters that you didn't know when you created them. I learned a lot about Keaton. He makes more sense to me that he ever did before. But I had to get him (and me) through some disturbing scenes to get there. I'm better now. I think the Where are our Children serial has more depth because of it. I'm leaving all of the content in. It is not gratuitous. It is not taboo. It is disturbing. Some won't like it and won't finish the series  because of it. I get it. I respect that. I respect you. Give it a shot though. I think that you will see what I see as you move on in the series the importance of this scene playing out in full the way that it did. 

You have to stand for something in this world...or you'll fall for anything.