Friday, November 14, 2014

Three IS company after all

It's done.

Rapture will be up within hours on all of your favorite e-book sites. It clocks in at almost 40,000 words. Like I've said, the story is pouring out of me. I love that. I hate that. I love it because it had been a long time coming. I've talked about writing, researched about writing, set up writing templates...did everything but freaking writing. Well, I've done over 115,000 words in about 33 days.

I hate it because the size of this tale limits what I can do with it. One epic volume would be an epic BITCH to format. (Gary, the language) Well it's the truth. And like I said before the story itself does not work as a trilogy as I strongly considered publishing to Amazon. So here we are. Episode 3 is done and I fully expect to have Past Prologue done by this time next week.

Once again to you Amazon folks, welcome to the party. ALL your volumes will be $.99 per Amazon policy. If enough of you price match the price on the first two will fall to free. Part of me wants to see that happen because I'm likely to get higher rankings in the store because of it. The publisher half says get any and all sales that you can Now. So we'll see.

Anyway, I'm leaving here to publish it to Smashwords first. It should be available within the hour and at a fair price for what you've gotten so far.

Amazon's copy, as well as the first two in series, should be up anywhere from an hour to 12 hours from now.

I will probably publish the trade paperback version tomorrow.

Three IS company after all.