Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just Call me Jimmy

It took two sessions, but I finished the next to last chapter of the second episode. My goal is to write the last one tomorrow and spend a day or two with the polish before the upload to Smashwords.

Now for some notes:

I will be going over the 70000 word mark for the entire story when I finish the final chapter. I am a bit surprised that this second volume is bigger that the first, but it is just that.

I STILL expect that number to come down over the next few episode.

I will be formatting 411 and Deliverance for Create Space on Amazon as well on the day that they go up to Smashwords.

Lastly for today, I got an email from ACX and about FREE downloads of my two audiobooks: Waiting and Fumblerooski how the NCAA dropped the ball on the coming playoff. They are giving away redeeming coupons so that you can go to the website and download the audiobook for FREE saving you 6 bucks. I'm going to leave my email on here and the FIRST of you who would like the codes for one or both books are welcome to them. The only thing that I ask (I said ask not demand) is that you leave a fair review of both story and production. This kind of thing means a lot to me and the two producers who worked to bring the books to life.

My email is

I will take request until all the FREE coupons are gone are the offer runs out. I honestly just glanced at the email today while I was on the Job. So I really need to read up on it a more. Don't be shy hit me with an email and I'll get those cards out to you as soon as I get back to this computer.

Just call me Jimmy, I'll take what they give me.