Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Half's and the Half's nots

I got through work last night relatively unscathed. I have almost 24 whole hours off before I start my final 5 day stretch before some well deserved time off. Wish me Luck.

I managed to get a lot of thinking and planning done last night. I'm very close to making an announcement about permanent plans in my writing future after Children is done. I think I'll sleep on it and let it spin around in my head a little longer. I want to be crystal clear in my own mind before I announce it.

I spent considerable time on twitter in the past 24 hours. I'll be honest...I haven't had a lot of personal or professional use for it. That changed over the past day. I plan to spend more time over there, especially for Nest Egg Publishing. I will continue mostly writing talk on this blog and my thoughts on everything else in the world over there. We all make professional errors in judgment. I think ignoring the power of Twitter has been one of mine.

Well, I'm off for a power nap. Busy, busy, busy when I get up. I have a date with my terrible Jags. Xavier's chapter is on the agenda today and then its off to work and play on Twitter.

When X's chapter is done it will officially mark passing the half way point of the serial.


The half's and half's nots.