Thursday, October 23, 2014

Long Winded

I'm posting early today because Life is going to get in the way of my writing a little today. I finished Xavier's 2nd chapter a few minutes ago and somehow...someway will get another Serena chapter done before bed tonight.

I'll say this: I'm done fighting myself about the word count. The last two chapters rivaled some of the earlier chapters that many of you have in your hands right now. It was A LOT of backstory to these character that is important as the main story moves forward. many readers may disagree with me and that's fine. But this isn't padding on my part. Remember, 6 of these 9 episodes are listed as FREE. and with the other three going for only $.99 a piece there isn't a lot of royalty in this for me even if this serial sells like crazy. (smile)

Anyway, everyone across all outlets should have the new covers and back matter in my first three works as they all went through the meatgrinder successfully yesterday. I made another round of modifications on 411 yesterday and I'm cautiously optimistic that everyone out there (Other than Amazon Kindle Exclusive folks) will have a copy burning their fingers by this weekend if they wish.

I CAN by so long winded at times...