Thursday, December 4, 2014

Only Sleep When You Are Dead

Another busy day.

I'm mostly dealing with the Job and my schedule there. I will try to fit the next chapter of Zero Hour in at some point today but sleep and outside business had to be taken care of first.

Good news on most if not all fronts on Past Prologue: It made it through the meatgrinder at Smashwords and is on the way to all of the subsidiaries of that distributor so look for it over the next few hours and day where you have found all the others. The trade paper back edition is ready as well and as much as I like the cover edition for the first three, I especially like this one. My plan is to have Past Prologue, Zero Hour and Betrayal use this similar template and then use a third template for the final three volumes of the series. Look for them.

In speaking of Past Prologue, I am off as soon as I leave his blog to post if over at Google Books. After a slow start, downloads have really picked up of my works over there. So if you like that  outlet for your downloading, I have a prescience on that site as well.

Well, let me go try to get this stuff done before I am off for the bill payer once again.

Maybe, I'll get some sleep this week.

Yet, then again, maybe I'll only sleep when I'm dead. (smile)