Friday, October 11, 2013

Whats next?

It looks as if the rewrite of my novel "where are our children" may be next

A Bridge over troubled waters.

I was a bit surprised to here that NFL scouts grade Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater along the lines of Alex Smith when he came out in the draft.

He is still regarded, by most, as the number one QB on the board.

As of today I would hope my Jags would take him, but we still have a loooooooong way to go till the draft.


I thought this would be Coughlin's last season in NY. The Giants are having a difficult season and his relationship with the media there has always been just "functional" at best.

I'm more than appreciative of his time here in Jacksonville. And considering his age I would go into glorious retirement with a smile on my face, in good health, with a bank account full of money.

Yet, knowing Coughlin (at a distance, of course) I get this feeling, The New York job is not his last coaching gig.

Happy me


44 today.

That number brings me both joy and sadness at the same time.

I feel very blessed to reach this age...yet sometimes, I wonder where did the years go.

Slow Rowing

The publishing process has really slowed at Smashwords. I'm through the meatgrinder with the Tebow article, but it's still taking its time getting to the retailers. I have seen it up at Kobo but it is taking it's sweet time showing up at ITunes, Sony, and Barnes and Noble.

I'm not mad about it. If anything this shows how much the site has grown with all of the people submitting to it than when I published here at the first of the year.
I've got to keep all this is mind when I publish again at Smashowords.