Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Why ask Why

I try to never talk about specific downloads or sales here. I think it's tacky. But I will tell you that today was the most downloads that one of my titles (Past Prologue) has ever received, to my knowledge, in one day.

To day that I was astounded would be a huge understatement. The title has been out for 8 days. I wish I could bottle up the reason this happened and open it anytime I wish but I can't. And again they are downloads and not sales. I could only dream of having a day like this one in sales.

Anyway, thank u all who helped make this such a historic day for me. I hope I enjoy Where are our Children's continuing storyline. I'm on my way to work on Zero Hour within the hour.

Sometimes you have just take good fortune when it comes.

Why ask why?