Tuesday, December 23, 2014

in the Public Domain

I got Zero Hour uploaded to Amazon today. That means that the trade paperback will be ready on Amazon's site for ordering.

Now with that completed the latest in the Where are our Children should be available at most outlets. It took a bit to get it there, but it's there. Enjoy.

Well, now that I'm over half way through this series, I'm looking forward some.

Real briefly, I've had some interest of what is available in the public domain.

The reason being, is that a series or two that could make some interesting use of. I've got some more investigating to do. I'm just in the preliminary stages of a couple of projects, but I'm excited.

And when I get excited...watch out. (smile)

From a short story point of view, these series could last years.

You stay tuned.

I'll watch the public domain.

Let's see what we could get done together.