Thursday, September 26, 2013

Into the darkness

Red boxed star trek into the darkness this week.

I liked it even better than I did at theatre.

Gotta give it 2 jj abrahms he has pulled it off rebuilding the trek brand.


In speaking of fighting...all I want 4 Christmas is 4 somebody to whoop Mayweather's ass.

Fight night

When the braves and brewers got into it last night did the batter ever touch the plate after the homerun?

Super mario

Have a well deserved retirement mario revera

From yankee AND red sox nation

49ers up big

I guess the 49ers demise has been greatly exaggerated

Pay 4 play

I probably will write an article on paying college athletes next

Seems 2 be a sizzling hot topic right now

Ill probably make up my mind and start some research this weekend

Some football Predictions

Prediction 1: Frank Beamer of Virginia Tech will either be fired or will retire (get fired) at the end of this season.

Prediction 2: The same thing will happen to Mack Brown at Texas.

Prediction 3: This one is not as straight forward so listen up:

Nick Saban will ONLY leave the Alabama job for another gig under 2 conditions.

Number One: There would have to be a "Death Penalty" type of scandal discovered of goings on within the university.

Number Two (More Likely): IF the Dallas Cowboys under achieve again this season with Jason Garrett at the helm, I could see the owner Jerry Jones offering the head coaching job to Saban.

I could see Saban taking it ONLY under these conditions: Saban sees his lack of NFL success as the last remaining challenge of his coaching career. Jones would have to make him the highest paid head coach in the history of sport. Jones would have to give him TOTAL control of football operations. And finally, Jones would have to give him a piece of the team. Remember: 1 percent of any NFL team, especially the Dallas Cowboys, is worth millions alone.   


Report says MLB commish Bud Selig to retire in 2015.

How about taking Roger Gödel of the NFL with u.

Paul Oliver

I honestly don't remember Paul Oliver of the San Diego Chargers who killed himself.

But it doesn't mean he is or was irrelevant.

I'm praying for all your family, friends, and fans you left behind.

Life can indeed seem to be a lonely place.

Reach out to SOMEONE and make them listen if you have to.

RIP, Paul, from a complete stranger.

skinny people

I think we should enslave all skinny people, make them eat until they feel and look like the rest of us.

Desperate Niners

Desperate times for 49ers against Rams. Good but desperate teams usually find a away 2 get it done. I'm taking Niners in a close one.