Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Rest of my life starts today

I'm back

Where do I begin? I've been away for nearly a year. Sometimes life gets in the way. Most of the time I get in my own way. Yet, today, my 45th birthday seemed like the ideal day to restart this blog. I don't want to be long winded or cover the ground I've covered here and in other spots before. I have been on again...mostly off again writing since I was 15 years ago. 30 freaking years ago. (smile) I have produced 2 shorts stories, 2 articles, and the first draft of a novel during that span. Pathetic. (smile) And I have learned a lot along the way. And I think I've finally done what is to finally do what is necessary to be more productive. I think I've found a way to conquer my fear. I think. So today...of all days, just feels right to post that I'm back. But the production just didn't start today.

The long winded part:

I've been busy with stuff over the past month. Both Waiting and Fumbleroosk: How the NCAA Dropped the Ball on the Coming Playoff will be available as audiobooks soon. Waiting was produced by Kandra Dawn Johnson and Fumblerooski was produced by Jason B Hilton. I'm more than pleased with the results. I've opted not to do the Tebow book as an audiobook  as well only because I doubt it will be an hour's production.

The last part about these three tales that have been available for $.99 on Amazon and FREE in every other ebook retailer is that I have also published them as trade paperbacks on Createspace. All three are available for $5.99. I own these copies and they are nice. I'm going to use a smaller size moving forward for future works though, (smile)

Enough about the past, let's talk about the future.
The long awaited second draft of my novel, Where are our Children is in process as I type this. I am rewriting three scenes a day meaning if my math is correct, readers may have this puppy on their favorite reading device by Veteran's Day.

Quick note( In speaking of writing veterans) I have been reading Dean Wesley Smith's blog. If you aspire to become a professional author, or trying to climb back onto the writing horse as I have you'll want to read this author's blog. He is the ultimate professional. He treats writing as it truly is which is a business first. He is a truth teller. He's' helped get me going again.

So each day, I'm going to post my words written and the projects I'm working on. My calendar year (and the goals for that year) won't appear until Children is finally finished. I want to use this blog to hold myself accountable for new words of production.

I have a lot more to pass on but in can hold for at least another day. I've been long winded enough for a single day. 

Where are our Children? 5197 revised words. 5197 total.
0 Covers made