Sunday, June 21, 2015

Scar is Available

I did it.
I finished the last chapters of Scar, got it edited, formatted and now it is uploaded to Smashwords.
I'm particularly proud of the effort that I put in this one.
I didn't think I had any chance of getting this one done before tomorrow but I did.
I've got Job business until Wednesday and it was important for me to keep the momentum that has been building over the past few weeks and get this latest episode into my reader's hands.
It meant that much to me.
You guys out there downloading this stuff mean so much to me.
Anyway its done and on Smashwords as I type this. Smashwords many affiliates will have it in the next 48 hours. I won't be uploading to Kobo and Google Play until I'm back at this in the middle of this week. I really wanted to hit the site where the most of my download traffic originates from.
I will be doing some thinking and plotting of upcoming projects as Where are our Children reaches it's end.
I will be posting stuff here once a day through my phone.
Thanks guys. 
Enjoy Scar.