Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Crisis of Confidence and Character

Hey guys.

I missed a posting for the first time since I've been back. Some out there may be happy about that. (grin)

I told myself that I would not post to this blog again until I wrote something. Well, I did just that. I  finished another chapter of Past Prologue today. I hadn't written in five days or so. I am truly going through a crisis of confidence and character.

My downloads are really down at Smashwords. I published to Google Books the other day and either are getting no response there are I am not understanding how to upload their stats reports. I really haven't been the same writer since Rapture debuted with NO sales during the 24 to 30 hours I had it up.

I'm going through what a lot of writers do at this point. We expect huge returns when we haven't put in a lot of investment at this point. I'm human, guys. Be patient. Stay with me.

I'm pressing forward. I'm trying to remember that I'm doing something very special. If I don't sell one book or nothing is downloaded that has my name on it, I am doing something very special.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I hope that each and EVERY one of you has a wonderful, safe and prosperous holiday. I'm going to try and do so very well.

And then I'm going to continue to battle this crisis of confidence and character.

And press on and write another chapter.