Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alpha Dog

I didn't have a whole lot to say so I didn't post yesterday.

I do have news today however.

The first draft of Empire's Fall: The Last Days of the NFL as we know it is done. I had a blast writing it. Just like the other two Sports Study articles and the ones coming I had a ball with it. Fiction is where my passion is but I love putting my opinion out there for you guys to read.

I have some real life things to do tomorrow but with a mini edit and format it should be on Smashwords tomorrow night and on ITunes (where my articles draw the most traffic) and other outlets in time for the weekend.

By the way, it was the first time that I really used my Alpha 3000 that I ordered off the internet about a year ago. What is an Alpha 3000 u ask? It is like an old school word processor in the simple design of a keyboard. This thing is to be used for writing and nothing else. It has just enough of a screen to see what you are writing, but not enough for you to constantly be editing. No word count. Guys, I typed over 4000 words in and around 4 hours. I love this thing. I give it my highest recommendation for you writers out there who fall into the common traps of using your laptop: You are distracted by surfing the net or playing games on your computer. You are distracted by your own inner voice that traps you into editing, editing, editing instead of creative voice taking control of the process.

I cannot wait to use this thing when I return to my fiction after I publish these three or four non fiction articles.

Anyway, I'll return here and announce when my latest work is available on line like I always do.

Until then...

No Rules. Just Write. 

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