Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NBA Tonight


Oh how I wish I could be excited. I grew up in the Magic-Bird era with a some guy named Jordan coming into his prime right behind them.

I know we all think our era is the greatest at everything. But 1980s NBA basketball has to be up there.

I just think today's NBA has too many average players who make a ton of money for doing average to below average things. Only a few guys in their primes as of right NOW could compete at a high level in any era. Remember when I say they are in their prime right now. Kobe, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett or past their primes.

Lebron James.
Carmelo Anthony
Derek Rose
James Harden
Tony Parker
Kevin Durant
Russell Westbrook
Chris Paul

And NO I did not forget Chris Bosch and Blake Griffin.

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