Tuesday, October 8, 2013

gino smith

Jets rallied in last minute to beat struggling Atlanta.

My fellow Jags fans are crying. Why didn't we take Gino in the draft?

Again. It doesn't matter that Gino may be better than Henne or Gabbert. I want a franchise QB that can help give Jags LONG term success. I'm not convinced Gino has a high enough ceiling to warrant the second round draft spot he was given last year.

If we use the logic that every time a QB wins a game he is the answer then Gino Smith is a franchise QB over Matt Ryan. He isn't.

Vince Young won games early in his career. So did Mark Sanchez. My God, so did Tim Tebow. I want better for my Jags.

Losing stinks. Losing the way the Jags have this season stinks more.

I'm still willing to wait on a franchise QB.    

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