Friday, April 5, 2013

A Decision

These three novelettes will probably be the final three works that I do at no charge.

I believe it will be a fair showcase of my talents (or lack thereof) for anyone to judge if they choose to pay to read my longer work.

My 2014 novellas and beyond will be $2.99 a piece.

I know that some people are selling novels for that or even less. I think it's a fair price. Ultimately, the consumer will make that decision.

I'm going to sit and think long and hard about Where are our Children. This full length novel will either be sold at $3.99 or I will allow it to be free. Why you may ask?

If my novellas are to be a long term source of income then Children could be a gateway to readers trusting me with the shorter work. Children is not going to be liked by everyone. And yet, It is a powerful premise that I believe I can pull off effectively.

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