Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Wonderful Night Out

I had a better than expected time at the NBA pre-season game here in Dooooovall last night that my wife bought me tickets for my birthday.

I saw a couple old classmates, my cousin I hadn't seen in some time, and a former neighbor.

The announced crowd was over 9500 which is excellent in football happy Jacksonville..

The only real observations I have from the game is that Anthony Davis looks as if he's on the way to being a beast. The other is, again, My issue with today's NBA is that too many players can't do enough of anything special and yet are paid like to be multi-millionaires.

The highlight of the evening is that the city honored local college legend Artis Gilmore. And some of his former NBA-ABA buddies joined him for the ceremony. I saw Christian Latiner, David Thompson, Rick Barry, George Gervin, and best of all- Julius Erving up close and personal.

I don't get out to live sporting events nearly as much as I did when I was a single guy but it was nice trip backwards.

All in all a wonderful evening.

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