Saturday, April 6, 2013


Always difficult to write prose with family here. So when they are, I try to accomplish other things: Plotting or in case of today world building.

The Novella titles are going to be either one of two things:

A very near future detective series wrapped around a SCFI theme, or if you will, a SC FI series wrapped around a detective theme.

In this near future crime is so prevalent in a place known as The City that when a murder occurs in the city limits, it's investigation is brokered out to investigative firms. Our firm is called Crime and Punishment and it's lead investigator is named Roland.

He has a number of allies and adversaries that will appear often in the series. I'm working on  these people as well as the backdrop of the City as well, which will be very important to the overall feel of the series.

Each title will mirror the other. Example: Necessary Fear. Constant Fear. Abandoning Fear.

What's to fear? Residents of the City often refer to it as Fear. But the main reason is that Roland suffers from genetic condition that causes him to suffer from phobias. His condition worsens as he stresses. These Phobias evolve every 30 days. There is no cure. And yet he goes about his work as professionally as he can.

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