Monday, October 7, 2013


Oh Yea...what's next:

Don't hold me to this but I think I have another article coming. This one on whether or not we should pay college athletes (football and basketball) players are not. "Pimp Daddy: Why we should...or shouldn't pay college athletes." This is a tentative title.

I think my next step is to finally finish the second draft of my novel "Where are our Children?"

For those who have read my blog from the beginning, the first draft of this novel was written during the heart of the Great Recession during 2009 when I was out of work for significant periods of time.

Writing this first draft helped me focus my energy, my frustration,  and my anxiety in a positive outlet: I finished writing my novel.

Anyway, I owe it to myself, and this story, to go back and finish this. It is wonderful story. I can't promise you that I've done a fine enough job in telling it, but it is a wonderful tale none the less.

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