Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snowlfake Method

let's see if I can do do this without looking at my guide...

Snowflake Method for Writing Novels:

1 Eye Catching Opening

 An opening event or events to catch reader's attention. May only be marginally associated with main focus of novel.

2. Follow Up

Introductions of major characters and their reactions to the opening stanza. These scenes lead up to the first plot point.

3. Plot Point

The unofficial official beginning of your novel. This is the event that truly sets things in motion. You must use a character or series of characters to set this event in motion.

4. Rising Action/Drama

Any final major characters must be introduced here. Relationships are strained. Major characters tested. Plot moves forward.

5. Climax

The high point (or low point) of your novel is reached. Delivered on all foreshadowed promises. Characters must be changed emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically.

6. Reversals

Just when things couldn't look worse for your major characters it does. An outside influence may aid your plotting here: aliens, nature, natural catastrophe, a betrayer. Deliver something not foreshadowed here.   

7. Lowering Action/Drama

Characters fight through to the finale. We learn more about them through their actions.

8. Continuing Lowering Action/Drama

Characters slog through to the finale. These are your novel's dog days here. Tough it off though. You are almost home.

9. Though Producing Closing

This scenes wrap up a single volume novel. They also open up the door for new adventures in a series novel. Characters must be changed from the beginning.   

Again, I may not be the resource to listen to on this matter. I only have a first draft of a novel done, but without this method I would not have ever completed this. I do far MORE than this, in coming up with my scenes, but this is one of my initial steps.

If this helps ANY body then it's been more than worth of the time typing it up.

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