Monday, July 30, 2012

Waiting's final call

This is the long story on my short story Waiting, then I will put this baby to bed. I wrote this original tale back in 2003, yea that long ago. It was originally around 7000 words. Gom Publishing ran a contest for SF and Fantasy the following year. The catch was the entry's could be no more than 5000 words. Ouch. I had to carve 2000 words off this thing without loosing story. Let me tell you that was a monster. Anyway, Waiting placed 4th amongst a 1000 or so entry's. Fast forward to this year. I've only written about 4 short stories and a first draft of a novel. Several crashed computers later, Waiting and my novel were all I have left. A few readers had told me they liked the story but the science lost them. I thought I'd add as much as of the original text that I could remember into this Kindle entry and boom, pow, bam, here we are. I'm pleased with the finished product. The expansion me to explore the three main characters more deeply. Trinity's and Amadeus' daughters were last minute entry's. I hate black and white characters. I love gray. I  adore gray characters, and Amadeus wasn't that. He was the Hollywood evil guy who did evil stuff just for the sake of being evil. Jonas grew to become more ambivalent. Most of all I hope I got the sceience in the SF right. Explaining the Windows effect was a beast of an effort. Anyway, enough Waiting, time for newer better things. I hope to publish two or three works in August. I'm working on these products right now. . .I mean after I finish this post. More later...

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