Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's talk about "Killing" (part 1)

Other than sports, I haven't watched a whole lot of TV in the past 20 years. However, I want to incorporate 3 of my favorite TV staples into this series of short stories.

First Law and Order: I'm talking about the original, not the solid spin offs which I enjoy but not nearly as much as big daddy. I want my readers to feel as comfortable as I did watching that show. This is what I mean by that. I didn't discover the show into the mid to late 90's. It was already heavy into syndication on TNT by then. I liked the idea that if it came on at 7pm and I walked in at 7:30, I would just about know where the plot should be. I liked the first 30 minutes were committed to the police procedural, and the later half to the lawyers. I also liked the idea the good guys didn't always win. Keep that in mind reading anything be me. I believe in gray characters. I believe in endings ending as they may and not always happy. Anyway, my Law and Order comparison is about consistency, continuity, and familiarity that I want to present in each of these stories. The covers will mirror each other. The story lines will be presented in and around my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Duuuuuuuvallll. There will be regulars who appear in numerous stories. They will be close in length. OK time for a restroom break and we'll talk about this some more...           

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