Monday, July 20, 2015

It's Official"Whirlwind is HERE

I rarely post here twice in one day, but I'm letting all of the Smashwords reader know that Whirlwind is published and is available for download on that site.

I had a major WOW moment when I added up the numbers and saw that Where are our Children finished a little bit over 300,00 words.

I wouldn't have thought that I had that many words in me in a lifetime not just a project like this. I won't go over some of the same material that I covered in an earlier post.

Just know how much this serial and this story meant to me and I hope that it has at least touched each of you readers in a small way.

Anyway, it's there on Smashwords for the taking. I will upload to other sites tonight and tomorrow.

I will be back here tomorrow as well to announce new projects on my horizon.

No rules. Just Write.

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