Monday, July 20, 2015

Whirlwind is done.


I'm not ashamed to say that I had tears in my eyes as I typed the final pages, paragraphs, sentences and word of Whirlwind. It is done. A project that I started over seven years ago is finished at last. As so many of you already know, it wasn't supposed to end this way. Where are our Children started out as a single novel. The first draft of which ended at 144,00 words.

I walked away from it for a while. It sat on my Kindle for 6 years. I found the courage to dig it up and start a second draft that ended up in what many of you will have in your hands likely by day's end. It's not perfect. It's not nearly perfect, but it is who I am as a writer and storyteller today. Right Now. I want to improve in both avenues. I will improve. But this was a huge stepping stone for productivity and confidence that I was able to overcome.

I'm so glad for all of you who've lived this journey with me. There were points along the way, especially after Past Prologue and then again after Zero Hour that I didn't believe that I would finish this.  

But after a final copyedit and formatting I will be uploading the final chapter of this last episode as time permits.

We did it, My Readers,

We DID it.

No Rules Just Write.

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