Thursday, August 16, 2012

Non Fiction

This 50 question or 100 question thing is working pretty well for me. I think I will adapt it and use it for writing these articles about sports. I think I like the feel of something that is alot less formal. My writing flows more naturally.

One article a month is a fine equilibrium. It gives me a chance to find, research, write, rewrite, and publish an article without being overwhelmed with work. Don't ever question this IS work. It may not be slaving at the JOB but its not serving the web, watching movies, or napping either.

And yet that one a month is still 12 posted works by this time next year. Something to say that I accomplished. I believe that I can write well enough to sale at least some. The more stuff I have posted the more I become real to readers.

Writing this as a 100 question has been a good idea for me. Maybe...just maybe I can still have an article posted on or before the 21st.      

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