Friday, August 3, 2012

Boy, am I jumping around

Back to August stuff:

Tebow's article will either be called  The Gospel According to John or Saviour- with the subtitle being how Elway saved us from Tim Tebow. I'm probably going to use a generic cover for this one. Tebow is so popular I don't want to risk using an image that someone, somewhere has used before.

The NCAA one is set in stone: Fumblerooski: How the NCAA dropped the ball on the upcoming football playoffs. I really like the cover for this one as well. PowerPoint really takes the work out of this process.

Note: To correct something I posted a few days ago: The Fumblerooski wasn't a play in the FSU-Clemson game but Miami-Nebraska a few years earlier. My bad. I speak specifically to this event at the onset of this article.

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