Friday, July 24, 2015

Project The Future is Now

After a busy few days today is a bit of a kickback one for me. Formatting a nearly 900 page Where are ourChildren was fun and exhausting. It is up for free on Amazon for all who are either new to the story or would like to read it in one volume. It has the same beginning and end as you guys who saw the series on Smashwords. The differences are that it is in true chapter format with a epigraph (like you see in all Dune or Karen Traviss books) entry at start of each chapter. I think these little quotes from characters add drama to the plot and are worth your time to read. I hope you guys enjoy owning this volume and tell your friends about it.

I finished publishing trade paperback editions of Betrayal, Scar, Tempest Rising and Whirlwind. Again, these are for me to have something in my hand of my writings. I also do them to drive traffic towards my ebooks especially the Smashwords editions.

What about the future?

I've mentioned briefly that I have a few new Sapp's Sports Study articles coming. I have four specific volumes in mind, though I'm in a small argument on which subject the last book will be about. I have covers for the first three that I'm pretty happy with. I have so very little period but when I have sold it has been my non-fiction. And these books really get reviews so I must be hitting a nerve with them. (grin) I will continue the interview Q&A format I've been using. I think it gives a reader my thoughts without the piece reading like an essay or traditional article. In fact, one of the new articles will feature three or four speakers, which I think is a interesting approach. Again, I don't consider myself a genius or someone who is doing anything innovative. I saw this format used in a couple Bleacher Report stories and I thought it was a neat approach to storytelling. That is what I want to be known as: A storyteller. In speaking of which-Fiction is a passion for me so it is what I plan to do long term, but every so often I'll publish a few of these when the subject matter (and the spirit) hits me. In truth, I'm doing these to buy myself some time to continue to set up the foundation of my long term project.

Oh yeah, in speaking of Q&A, look for a new interview session of Smashwords soon that really gets into more specifics of what is coming for me as an author. I guess it makes sense to update that about once a year.

Anyway, that is probably all for today.

No Rules. Just Write.   

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