Saturday, July 25, 2015

moving up and moving on

my three goals whenever I have an idea for a story or a article.

1. To be a storyteller. For me this means spinning a tale that makes you laugh, cry, bite your knuckles in anger or draw out some type of emotional response. I am NOT interested in being a grammar king or being literary correct. I try to copyedit the best I can, but I do every step of the publishing myself and I DO miss things. This is not an excuse it is my reality.

2. To Produce Numbers. For me this means the more stuff I have out there, the even more my other works get read.

3. To Produce Numbers(part 2). For me nothing is more fun than seeing my name and my works being downloaded on (place your favorite ebook site here). I hit a goal for Children on Amazon that I am very proud of. Would I like to be the #1  downloaded book overall on Amazon? I would. Would I like to be the #1 selling book on Amazon? Of course I would.         

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