Saturday, November 8, 2014

Telling Secrets Day 2


I finished the Xavier chapter that I spoke to you guys about yesterday. It is the longest chapter in the entire story so far at 33 manuscript pages. It did a lot of what I asked it to do. It gave a lot of backdrop to how A House in Chains and the Circle and the Peacekeepers work. It had tension. It had characterization and I'm hopeful that it did what is necessary for its inclusion in the book and story: It explained a lot about the past and foreshadowed the future.

I don't want to get all soapy and teary eyed today. But they say that every thing we do has a time and place. I was exhausted yesterday after my biological clock did its 180 shifting from night to days like I explained yesterday. Then to turn around and write nearly 3000 words is something I wouldn't have been mature enough to do 20 years ago. Physically it would have been far easier on me, but mentally I wouldn't have had the will to do it.

Like I said, wow.

Anyway, I am on to hopefully 2 chapters today and 2 chapters tomorrow.
We'll see.

Here are the codes for day 2.
Remember the these codes are good for ONE user each:

Waiting: 9J4QBFNQKD6MJ

Fumblerooski: GSENQDGQ2QD5J

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